A Party Of ‘Crass Nepotism’: Adamu Garba Slams APC

Emmanuel Egobiambu  
Updated May 19, 2022
A presidential aspirant of the YPP. [email protected]


Adamu Garba has attacked the All Progressives Congress (APC), claiming the ruling party is filled with nepotism. 

The presidential aspirant under the Young Progressives Congress (YPP) said this during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Thursday, accusing the party of financialising political participation.

 “That is why I said since APC has taken us to that direction, we have to define a new path,” the former APC member, who recently defected to the YPP, said.

“A path that would remove Nigeria from poverty and transit it to one of the greatest countries in the world away from the crass nepotism and cronyism that is evidently happening in the APC.”


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His comment followed the heated debates generated after the APC pegged its presidential nomination and expression of interest forms at N100m.

And Adamu, who was one of the vocal members of the ruling party, especially on social media, agree that the price tag on the forms is uncalled for.

“In a situation where you commercialise political participation in the country, you are causing so much damage to the future of the country,” he argued during the current affairs show.

By fixing the presidential form price at N100m, the APC has succeeded in pursuing young people from politics.

“If you are a young man in Nigeria and you try to participate in any political activity in the APC, it is very clear that you are just trying to waste your time,”  he said.

Since the “future of young people is not in the APC,” he said that is why he went to the YPP which is a party that can advance the future of youths.