33 Passengers Escape Death As Plane Suffers ‘Unusual High Temperature’ In Lagos

Channels Television  
Updated June 16, 2022
A file photo of an Overland aircraft
A file photo of an Overland aircraft


A flight from Ilorin to Lagos operated by Overland airways escaped a fatal crash on Wednesday with 33 passengers onboard.

Overland said the incident was due to “an unusual high turbine temperature on one of its engines.”

“This occurred in the approach phase of flight and the aircraft landed very safely as the Crew skillfully implemented their standard procedures for such abnormal situations,” the company said in a statement.

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“All 33 passengers remained calm through the process and safely disembarked row by row in accordance with post COVID-19 procedures after the aircraft came to a halt on the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos runway 18 Right.

“No passenger was hurt in anyway.”