UPDATED: Ademiluyi Congratulates 11 Nigerian Americans Mid Term Election Winners

Donatus Anichukwueze  
Updated November 10, 2022


The United States mid-term election saw some Americans of Nigerian descent emerge victorious in various positions.

Results have been released for most states while other states are still tallying votes to determine winners of the election which was held on November 8.

In the wake of the development, President Muhammadu Buhari sent his congratulations.

“Restating his unflinching support for every Nigerian excelling at home and abroad, President Buhari believes that compatriots who succeed in good causes are assets to the nation and the continent, noting that their contributions will always be remembered and celebrated,” presidential aide Femi Adesina said in a statement on Wednesday.

On his part, the President of the United Nigerian Americans Council-MD (UNAC-MD), sent a congratulatory message to the winners.

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He listed the Nigerians that were declared winners in the election as:

Segun Adeyina

Segun Adeyina. Facebook/Segun Adeyina


He won for Georgia State Representative in District 110.


Gabe Okoye

Gabe Okoye. Facebook/Gabe Okoye


Okoye won for Georgia State Representative in District 102.

Solomon Adesanya

Solomon Adesanya. Facebook/Solomon Adesanya


He was elected as the Georgia State Representative, District 43.

Tish Naghise

Tish Naghise. Facebook/Tish Naghise


Nagishe was elected as Georgia State Representative District 68.

Phil Olaleye

Phil Olaleye. Facebook/Phil Olaleye


Elected as Georgia State Representative District 59.

Dr. Oye Owolewa

Oye Owolewa. Facebook/Oye Owolewa


Owolewa got re-elected to the US House of Representatives (Shadow Representative) in Washington DC.


Esther Agbaje

Esther Agbaje. Twitter/@go4esther


She won her seat as Minnesota State Representative in District 59B.

Wala Blegay

She won Prince George’s County Council, District 6, Maryland.

Wanika Fisher

Wanika was elected to Prince George’s County Council, District 2, Maryland.

Will Jawando

He was returned to Montgomery County Council, Maryland.

Yemi Adetola

Yemi won in District 32 Anne Arundel County, Maryland for Democratic Central Committee.