Buhari Charges Chadian Factions To Support Ongoing Democratic Transition

Buhari told Chadian leaders that he is prepared at any time to listen to their representations, political, security or any other matter.


President Muhammadu Buhari has called on leaders of the various Chadian political factions to show restraint and patriotism by immersing themselves in the ongoing transition to democracy in their country.

Speaking to the country’s transition President and Head of Government, General Mehmet Idris Deby-Itno when he visited him on the sidelines of the ongoing UN program in Doha, Qatar on Sunday, President Buhari said:

“I watch developments in your country from a safe distance. As a close neighbor, I go to sleep and wake up with the issue on my mind.

“I sympathize with you, not only as a youth, but due to the position of some of the groups operating outside the country including Libya, even though this is a problem you inherited from your father. I am really reduced to praying on this matter. Other groups who think they are strong should be patriotic, settle down and secure their own country.”

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President Buhari thanked the Chadian leader for the visit, giving assurances that, “as a good neighbor, I am prepared at any time to listen to your representations, political, security or any other matter.”

President Deby-Itno said he had come to say thank you to the President for the support he provides to him and his country as they undertake the ongoing transition to democracy, which he said is going well.

He wished President Buhari long life and congratulated him on the ongoing democratic process in Nigeria, adding that “we hope we will continue to see you even after your departure from office.”