Governorship Election: Eight Things Nigerians Expect From INEC

Nigerians on Saturday will expect INEC to have a prompt response plan in case of any technical failures during the elections to avoid delays and ensure the smooth conduct of polls.


Again by March 18, Nigerians head back to the polls, the election which were held on February 25 left a sweet-bitter feeling and many persons had their reservations about the conduct of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The governorship race comes into full glare on Saturday when the electorate would be out again to elect a governor for their states as well as members of the State House of Representatives.

This election is very important for the masses as those to be elected are officials who they interact with more closely and cannot afford to get the voting wrong or have anything or anyone undermine the fairness of the process to yield unfavorable results.

Bearing this in mind, here are eight things Nigerians will be expecting from INEC before and after the voting commences.

1. Reliable technology

Nigerians expect INEC to deploy reliable and functional technology for the governorship elections, particularly in the use of card readers and the transmission of results.

2. Adequate testing of technology

The people will need to be assured that INEC has conducted adequate testing of its technology before the governorship elections to ensure that it is working properly and effectively.

3. Proper training for election officials

The electorate will also expect INEC to have provided proper training for election officials, particularly in the use of technology such as card readers and BVAS.

4. Adequate backup systems

It will also be expected that INEC will provide adequate backup systems, particularly in case of any technical failures during the elections.

5. Improved security of technology

So many promises have been made regarding the elections, and as such, Nigerians expect INEC to improve the security of its technology, particularly in preventing hacking and other forms of cyberattacks as some speculated about during the presidential election.

6. Prompt response to technical failures

Perhaps one of the issues encountered in the presidential election was the lack of prompt responses and a slowed communication process especially when issues were raised.

Nigerians on Saturday will expect INEC to have a prompt response plan in case of any technical failures during the elections, to avoid delays and ensure the smooth conduct of the elections.

7. Transparency in addressing failures

As expected, INEC will have to remain transparent in addressing any human or technical failures that may occur during the elections, particularly in providing timely and accurate information about the cause and resolution of such failures.

8. Improved communication with the public

As a follow-up to number 6, Nigerians would want INEC to improve its communication with the electorates and stakeholders, particularly in providing regular updates on the electoral process and any issues that may occur.

The gubernatorial election will be a great opportunity for trust to be fully built again between the electoral umpire and the electorates. One thing remains certain at this moment, and that is that Nigerians are ready to ride the horse of their own destiny by voting for the leaders that they desire.