Tobechukwu: Anthem Of Renewed Hope By Nathaniel Bassey & Mercy Chinwo

The famous Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, provided the vocal support Nathaniel Bassey needed for this song, “ Tobechukwu”, making it one of the most listened-to gospel songs in the last month.



Nigerian renowned gospel singer and trumpeter, Nathaniel Bassey, and Popular female gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, have captivated the hearts and souls of listeners by releasing “Tobechukwu,” a song that assures a renewed hope in God.

The soul-stirring song, “Tobechukwu,” is a heart-lifting track released by Nathaniel Bassey, who is the convener of an online platform Hallelujah Challenge, released an album titled “Hallelujah Live” that features some of the industry’s most talented gospel singers such as Mercy Chinwo, Sinach, Nqubeko Mbatha, William McDowell, Victoria Orenze, Aidee Ime, Abigail Bassey, and Ntokozo Mbambo.

The “Hallelujah Live” album is a 16-track collection of live gospel music created with deep reverence and worship for God. It also includes the lead single “Tobechukwu,” which was released a few months ago.



The 16 tracks in the album, Hallelujah, are in the table below.

No Tracks
1. Nathaniel Bassey – Hallelujah Anthem
2. Nathaniel Bassey – Tobechukwu (feat. Mercy Chinwo Blessed)
3. Nathaniel Bassey – Sound Of Many Waters (Live) (feat. Nqubeko Mbatha)
4. Nathaniel Bassey – Fountain Of Mercy (Live) (feat. Sinach)
5. Nathaniel Bassey – Hallelujah Praise The Lord (Live) (feat. William Mcdowell)


6. Nathaniel Bassey – Hallelujah Praise The Lord Overflow (Live) (feat. William Mcdowell)


7. Nathaniel Bassey – We Honour You (Live)
8. Nathaniel Bassey – There Is A Sound (Live)
9. Nathaniel Bassey – So Beautiful (Live)
10. Nathaniel Bassey – Ese (Live) (feat. Aidee Ime)
11. Nathaniel Bassey – Hallelujah Chant (Live) (feat. Ntokozo Mbambo)
12. Nathaniel Bassey – Ebenezer (Live) (feat. Victoria Orenze)
13. Nathaniel Bassey – Deserving (Live) (feat. Ntokozo Mbambo & Mercy Chinwo Blessed)
14. Nathaniel Bassey – Glory And Honour (Live) (feat. Abigail Bassey)
15. Nathaniel Bassey – Let Your Fire Fall (Live) (feat. Victoria Orenze)
16. Nathaniel Bassey – Mercy Declaration (Live)


“Tobechukwu” Is an Igbo language, a language of a major ethnic group in Nigeria, which translates as “Start praising God”.  “Chukwu” is an Igbo word for “God.” Tobechukwu thus implies an act of worship. As a result, Tobechukwu means “Start Praising God.” It’s a joyful and danceable song that expresses thanks to God for His unending goodness and kindness.

At the time of filing this report, the song, which debuted on February 10, 2023, had 3,803,555 views on YouTube, the global online video-sharing and social media platform, and it runs for 08:08 minutes.

The lyrics of Tobechukwu are more of a Christian anthem because they are relatable to happenings in all aspects of existence, inspiring listeners to praise God because his faithfulness endures forever, it does not waver or stop no matter what we do. God is our strength, and this is what Tobechukwu meaning

The delivery of Tobechukwu is astounding. The duo goes all in, and the backup singers’ vocals enhance the delivery even more, which makes the listeners be unable to get enough of this song.

The lead and backup singers are all dressed in white for the music video, which adds to the sense that God’s promise and purity go hand in hand.

Tobechukwu meaning as implied by Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo alludes to the fact that God is always there for his children, no matter what. He keeps a constant eye on his sheep. Therefore, he is deserving of our praise.

Tobechukwu by Nathaniel Bassey featuring Mercy Chinwo emphasises God’s mercy in all situations and how quickly God responds to prayers, which is the stronghold of all Christians.  The song Tobechukwu serves as further evidence of both God’s unfailing faithfulness and his indescribable blessings to his children.

Mercy Chinwo and Nathaniel Bassey clearly put their all into this song; from the backing vocals, the instrumentation, and the high pitch of Mercy Chinwo’s voice calling the name, Tobechukwu repeatedly heightens the delivery and creates a spirited environment wherever the song is played. Obviously, we simply cannot get enough of this song.

For weeks now, “Tobechukwu” has become an anthem of faith as people share snippets from the live song on various social media platforms as a way of remembering God’s assurance and consistent mercy in the lives of his children.

The famous Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, provided the vocal support Nathaniel Bassey needed for this song, “ Tobechukwu”, making it one of the most listened-to gospel songs in the last month.

Testimonies and reviews have been pouring in from listeners who have shared their faith with the song’s theme as they grappled with the song’s meaning, reflecting on how God came through for them in difficult times.