‘Snake Bite’ Game Scare Hits Delta, Govt Vows To Clampdown On Cultism

Parents out of fear hurriedly pick up their kids from school after the news that children are allegedly being initiated into a cult through an insertion of a mark at the back of the palm

Delta State is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria.
A map of Delta State in South-South Nigeria


A snake bite scare in primary and secondary schools in Delta has caused some level of panic in the state, especially in the capital, Asaba. 

This is coming after the emergence of a viral video showing over 60 pupils of a private school in Asaba getting marks on the back of their palms after performing the alleged initiation.

Channels Television came across one pupil of this private primary school who also had a scar on the back of her palm.

In another government secondary school, the school management denies such activity, claiming to have also heard about it on social media.

But parents out of fear hurriedly pick up their kids from school after the news.

Following this disturbing development, the Delta State government has ordered a clampdown on cultism and cult-related activities in schools across the state.

Information Commissioner Charles Aniagwu n a press briefing condemned the act, directing the state ministry of education and relevant supervisory and regulatory authorities to ensure that the disturbing trend is nipped in the bud

Meanwhile, the police in Delta State have dispelled the insinuation that the ‘snake bite’ games played by primary school pupils are an initiation into cultism.