Subsidy Removal: Deploy Measures To Address Difficulties, NBA Writes Tinubu

The body described the removal of fuel subsidy as a right step in the right direction.

A combination of NBA logo and President Bola Tinubu.



The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has asked President Bola Tinubu to immediately deploy measures to address the ensuing difficulties associated with the withdrawal of the subsidy.

In a congratulatory message written by the NBA President, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yakubu Maikyau, to President Tinubu, the body described the removal of fuel subsidy as a right step in the right direction.

It, however, noted that with the level of infrastructural deficits in many respects and the reliance on petroleum products as the primary source of power for most businesses, entrepreneurs, and private users, there is a need for the government to cushion the impact of the removal.

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“There is the urgent need to put in place policies that will help cushion the effect of this otherwise laudable decision before its positive impact will begin to be felt or noticed within our socio-economic space,” Maikyau stated.

While promising to hold the President accountable for his assurance that “the government I lead will repay you through massive investment in transportation infrastructure, education, regular power supply, healthcare and other public utilities that will improve the quality of lives,” the NBA advised that the pains and suffering of the people must never be taken for granted; as it must count for something.

Away from the subsidy removal, the NBA expressed concern over the level of insecurity in Nigeria and urged Tinubu to “declare a state of emergency in this area if we are to make any meaningful progress.

“We must look very critically at the peculiarities of our security situations and design bespoke measures to deal with them while ensuring that continental, cross-border, and international collaborations are carefully exploited to deal with our security challenges.”

It also called on the government to consider diplomatic strategies to address these issues because of the global trends in security just as it encouraged the administration to employ the right professionals to implement the security plans and policies needed.

“What Nigerians require is a well-thought-out, informed, all-inclusive and purposeful intervention, with as much information made available to the public, to the extent permitted within the parlance, so as to reassure Nigerians of the sincere commitment of government in the area of security,” the NBA said.

“This is necessary to build back the confidence we individually and collectively need as a people. Government must be transparent; the people must, by deliberate and conscious investment in manpower development and equipment purchase/procurement, be taken out of the state of fear, that decades of bloodshed and flourishing criminal activities have plunged the country into; the psyche of Nigerians must be recovered from the place of despair and despondency.”

While noting that deliberate and appropriate investment in the improvement of the welfare of security officers and equally equipping them to function effectively and efficiently, is crucial, the NBA also promised to hold the government accountable in this regard.

On the issue of the administration of justice, the NBA says it looks forward to President Tinubu’s demonstration of high regard for the rule of law and the orders of the courts of the land.

The association also urged the government to invest heavily. as a matter of urgency, if not emergency, in the justice sector.

“It is important to note that the determination of what constitutes ‘illegal orders’ still remains a matter within the exclusive preserve of the courts of law.

“The welfare of Judges and Justices will appear to have been deliberately ignored by successive administrations. The last time the salaries and allowances of judicial officers were reviewed was in 2008 despite inflation and our concrete economic realities. The conditions under which Judges and Justices work is pitiable and shameful for a country that has exported legal knowledge and service to other parts of the continent and across the world. A complete overhaul in the justice sector is necessary,” the letter read.

The NBA also invited the President to the opening ceremony of the association’s Annual General Conference scheduled for Sunday the 27 August 2023 and to graciously declare the 2023 AGC-NBA open.