Jigawa Health Workers Caught Selling Free Drugs On Gov’s Impromptu Visit

This visit to the General Hospital in Dutse is part of the governor's ongoing initiative to conduct surprise visits to state institutions.

Jigawa State Governor, Umar Namadi pays a surprise visit to the General Hospital in Dutse on July 3, 2023.


Governor Umar Namadi of Jigawa State has uncovered a trend of health workers at the General Hospital in Dutse selling drugs meant to be provided free of charge to children under the age of five.

The discovery was made on Monday during an unannounced visit by the governor to the hospital, said a statement by the governor’s spokesperson, Hamisu Gumel.

According to him, the act directly violates the state government’s policy on free healthcare for children and lactating mothers.

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Gumel labelled the conduct of the health workers an act of sabotage, adding that such would not be tolerated and that the perpetrators would face the consequences of their actions.

He further highlighted the concerns raised by the governor during the unscheduled visit, emphasising the gravity of the situation.

“The governor was particularly worried to find out that patients, even under-fives, were being sold drugs in the hospital in contravention of the State Government’s policy of free healthcare for children under five years old in the state,” Gumel disclosed.

“Seventy per cent of the children’s caregivers and lactating mothers interviewed by the governor stated that they purchased drugs instead of receiving them for free, and they were not provided with bedsheets.”

The governor’s dissatisfaction extended beyond the sale of drugs meant for children. Gumel revealed that Governor Namadi was also alarmed by the overall poor condition of the hospital.

The lack of proper lighting, resulting in sections of the hospital being immersed in darkness, was a major concern.

Additionally, several patient wards lacked window nets, leaving them vulnerable to mosquito bites.

The visit to the General Hospital in Dutse was part of the governor’s ongoing initiative to conduct surprise visits to state institutions.

The aim is to assess efficiency and adherence to policies within the establishments. On June 19, Governor Namadi reportedly visited the state’s secretariat complex, where he found a significant number of absent workers and senior officials.

During the visit, the governor encountered only six senior officers present in their offices. Out of the 22 serving permanent secretaries, only three were attending to their duties when the governor toured the secretariat.

Such findings shed light on the need for improved attendance and dedication among the state’s public servants, Gumel argued.

Through his surprise inspections, Governor Namadi aims to identify issues firsthand, ensuring that necessary actions are taken to rectify any shortcomings and ensure the effective functioning of state institutions.