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The Rise of Microtransactions: How $1 Payment Methods are Transforming the Digital Economy


Microtransactions bring the highest revenue to numerous online companies, which is why there’s a real boom around them. Businesses have a convenient way of monetizing their content, while users don’t need to invest a lot to get the desired service. Have you ever thought of why many apps are free? It’s a way to engage users and motivate them to download the software.

At the same time, they often include in-built purchases; clients can get full access to all features for only $1. This business model was named “Freemium”: it implies the app is free, but users can receive additional services for a small payment. Microtransactions are convenient and don’t significantly affect people’s budgets, but bring notable revenue to businesses.

It’s a win-win situation for both, so this method is quickly gaining popularity. The digital economy experiences changes daily, and some are more successful than others. Micropayments are undeniably a development driver for many industries globally, so let’s take a closer look at the most widespread options.


Visa, The Global Payment Leader

There’s hardly anything more popular than Visa: according to statistics, it’s the world digital payments leader, as over 4.2 billion people own cards worldwide. It’s used in multiple industries, and online gambling is no exception. $1 deposits via Visa are in great demand among online casinos. Such payments with no extra fees are possible in 200+ countries.

There’s nothing simpler than replenishing the balance of an online casino account via Visa, therefore operators accepting 1 dollar top-up requirements are extremely popular among gamblers. The payment system guarantees a secure environment for its users: Visa’s zero-liability policy protects members from unauthorized use of their debit and credit cards.


Skrill, Top Digital Wallet for Money Transfers

E-wallets are currently experiencing a real boom, creating ground for strong competition with Visa. Skrill is a widespread method that makes money transfers quick, accessible, and even more protected. Another significant advantage of Skrill for instant digital payments is that email and password are everything you need to use the system. Security is the key priority, even if you want to transfer as little as $1.


Mastercard, Highly Rated Payment Processing Tool

This payment shares the palm with Visa – as the world population seems divided into two parts. However, statistics indicate that Mastercard is still less popular, with around 1.5 billion users globally. This payment method was introduced in 1996 – even though Visa was a pioneer established in 1958, Mastercard disrupted the market with the innovative possibility of reducing cash usage.

The system has been evolving for several decades, and now it’s one of the best solutions for micropayments. You will hardly find a business that doesn’t accept Mastercard money transfers.


POLi, Top Payment Service for Kiwis & Aussies

The NZ-based banking system was created to target more customers: according to the research, the number of credit card users reduced by 33% from 2019 to 2022. Therefore, people search for alternative methods for fast and safe digital payments.

POLi has become a solution for many, as it offers reliable services with no additional fees. The possibility of making small money transfers attracts gamblers and other users: it’s enough to make several clicks for a $1 transaction to proceed.

The Rising Trend – Cryptocurrencies

The introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 stirred up the public, but cryptocurrencies gained real popularity only in the last couple of years. The decentralized financial system boasts anonymity, which was lacking for users before the crypto inception. Moreover, Bitcoin and other coins have a unique characteristic: the ability to be divided into microparticles. This feature allows making $1 or even fewer payments.

The attitude towards crypto platforms differs from one country to another. The legal framework of crypto platforms in Nigeria compared to New Zealand, for instance, shows that Nigeria is open to this digital trend and has its own digital currency – eNaira. This makes it a perfect solution for gamblers and other users desiring to proceed with microtransactions.

Moreover, increased security and high speed of money transfers are other benefits Bitcoin users can explore.


Final Insight

The gaming sector was among the first to adopt the freemium model, implying the possibility of downloading the app for free and enjoying low-cost in-built purchases. Other industries also supported the quickly evolving micropayments trend.

It’s beneficial for businesses: it might be surprising, but $1 transactions generate significant revenue, changing the digital economy once and forever. Undeniably, it’s an advantage for users, too, since they can receive the desired service for $1 or even less via various payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency or digital wallets.

Micropayments were the missing link for both parties and now their popularity is growing day by day. We are confident that even more companies will accept them, providing more micropayment opportunities for clients and generating higher revenues.

Oluwatobi Aworinde

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Oluwatobi Aworinde

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