Kaduna Bombing: DHQ’s Claim Terrorists Embedded With Civilians Very ‘Careless’ — Gov Sani

The governor called for the Chief of Army Staff to see to it that the statement is withdrawn.

Governor Sani said empathy is needed more than excuses


Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani, has faulted the claims of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ), attributing the reason for the air strike in the Tudun Birni community to terrorists embedding themselves with civilians.

The incident, which happened on Sunday, resulted in the deaths of over 120 people and injuries to several others in the Igabi Local Government Area.

But the Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba, stated on Tuesday that the reason for the air raid was terrorists embedding themselves with the locals in the area.

However, Governor Sani, speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Friday, described the statement as “careless,” insisting that such claims need to be verified before taking such decisions.

The Army air strike killed 85 civilians.

“What happened in Tundi Buri is something that is unfortunate. But the fact that the chief of staff took responsibility is the reason why the community is calm.

“But to say that the terrorists are in the community is something that needs verification. I think that is a very careless statement when I heard it yesterday.

“If you visit the hospital and see what is happening, you would condemn statements like this.”

Governor Sani’s comments follow a condolence visit by Vice President Kashim Shettima on Thursday to the affected community, where he stated that a probe would be initiated to forestall any future repetition

“It is already directed by Mr. President; an investigation is being conducted to prevent a re-occurrence of the incident and we expect a report to be submitted in the shortest possible time,” Shettima said.

He also pledged that the victims of the incident would be supported by the federal government.

‘Have To Withdraw That Statement’

Despite his stance on the Defence Headquarters statement, Governor Sani affirmed that the military still has his support in its fight against insurgency and banditry in the country.

“Because we are not talking about that, but like I said earlier, we are going to continue to support the army and the military generally, as well as the other security agencies, in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in Kaduna State,” Governor Sani said.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja (seated left), visits Kaduna State on December 5, 2023 after the deadline bombing that killed over 85 people.

He then called on the Chief of Army Staff, General Lagbaja, to see to it that the statement be retracted.

“I think the first statement by the Chief of Army Staff, General Lagbaja, I think that is the one I have taken seriously.

“Because the second statement, the PRO of the general army, I’m trying to reach out to the Chief of Army Staff for him to see that they have to withdraw that statement.

The governor stressed the need for empathy in addressing the aftermath of the incident, calling for justice and cautioning against making excuses before completing the investigation.

“These are the statements that are responsible and show a lot of empathy. It’s a time to show empathy and not a time to make excuses because, for the families – we are trying to calm them down and make them understand that the government will fight for justice,” he said.

“But making excuses before the investigation is concluded, I think it’s unnecessary.”

Rebuilding To Start in Three Weeks

Governor  Sani also stated that the rebuilding of the Tudun Biri in the Igabi Local Government Area will commence in the next three weeks, assuring of Vice President Shettima’s commitment to seeing it come to fruition

The Federal Government has already ordered a probe into the incident. X@stanleynkwocha_

“In the course of this incident, we are starting a program. So the whole community will be rebuilt.”

“Mr. Vice President, yesterday, even this morning, I called him, and he assured me that the rebuilding of the community will start in the next three to four weeks maximum,” he said.

“I won’t be surprised if the whole building starts in the next two weeks.”

“Today they have taken responsibility and it’s a way forward. Having taken responsibility, we will have to fast-track the investigation and ensure that those involved are dealt with decisively.”

“For me, it’s key and that will make the community a bit calm and satisfied.”