From Barbie, AI to the Israel-Hamas War, These Are the Top Google Searches of 2023

Google’s overview covers recipes, TV shows, movies, songs, and various other categories.

A cursor moves over Google’s search engine page on Aug. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)




Google has published its latest “Year in Search” overview, highlighting the most searched topics across various categories over the past year.

The tech giant released “Year in Search,” a compilation of the top global queries in 2023, ranging from unforgettable pop culture moments to the loss of beloved figures and tragic news with global ramifications. Google’s dedicated mini-site provides global and regional insights, as well as interactive displays, games, and more.

According to Google’s global data, the ongoing Israel-Hamas war topped news trends in 2023, followed by queries about the Titanic-bound submersible that imploded in June, as well as February’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

As Google puts it: “Movie and TV shows captivated audiences this year, with “Barbie” and “The Last of Us” becoming the top trending movie and TV shows globally. They even inspired other top trends: Both “Barbie nails” and “Barbie outfits” were top trending searches in the U.S. in their categories. In fact, this year we were all here for the fashion trends—”it’s giving fashion” was the top trending “it’s giving.”

In the world of entertainment, “Barbie” dominated Google search movie trends this year, followed by Barbenheimer co-pilot “Oppenheimer” and Indian thriller “Jawan.” In TV, “The Last of Us,” “Wednesday” and “Ginny and Georgia” were the top three trending shows in 2023.

Jeremy Renner, who survived a serious snowplough accident at the start of 2023, was one of Google’s top trending people on search this year. Meanwhile, among notable people who died, the late Matthew Perry and Tina Turner led global search trends.

Yoasobi’s “アイドル (Idol)” was Google’s top trending song on search. Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” — which soared in the charts after controversy this summer — and Shakira and Bizarrap’s “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” followed.

And that’s just to scratch the surface of Google’s 2023 global search trends. Bibimbap was the top trending recipe globally, while Inter Miami CF, the new home of Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi, led Google’s sports team trends. “Rizz” (recently named Oxford’s word of the year) was a frontrunner for trending slang definition inquiries.

Google’s overview covers recipes, TV shows, movies, songs, and various other categories. There are also “Top apparel” and other trending search terms, which could help in your product planning, while you can also filter each list by region, so you can get more local insight into interests.

In addition, Google is also celebrating 25 years of search with a new element dedicated to historic search trends.

The “Time Capsule” allows you to test your knowledge of key events from the previous 25 years based on Google Search activity, while also refreshing your memory with a new video summary of historic search trends.

There are also year-by-year listings of the most searched-for movies, books, actors, etc. providing another way to stroll down memory lane, based on Google activity.

There are some interesting trend notes here, and it’s also interesting to see how things have evolved over the years, and how that’s reflected in the top trends.

It’s a reminder of how things have changed, how fast, and how old you’re getting.

You can check out Google’s latest search trends overview here.