This Is Sad, Shocking, Nigerians React To Destruction Of Seized Elephant Ivory

Some Nigerians see the confiscation and burning of the Elephant Ivory as a groundbreaking development, several others question the initiative, saying it was a waste.


On Tuesday it was reported that the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) incinerated 2.5 tonnes of seized elephant ivory and 2.436.15 kg of skin from other species worth over N9.9 billion, as part of the agency’s move to combat the illegal ivory trade and protect the nation’s dwelling elephant population. 

Nigerians have been reacting since the news broke out, and while some saw this as a groundbreaking development, several others questioned the initiative – asking why would such amount of resources be destroyed, rather than used for the good of the country.

Below are reactions of Nigerians who took to various social media platforms to air their views on this recent development.

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