2Africa Subsea Cable Lands In Akwa Ibom

The 2Africa submarine fibre optic cable, will link Nigeria to Europe, Asia, and other parts of Africa.

2Africa Submarine Cable lands in Qua Iboe, Akwa Ibom. Photo: @_PastorUmoEno


The Federal Government has announced the landing of the 2Africa Submarine Cable in Qua Iboe, Akwa Ibom.

Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, ‘Bosun Tijani, said the cable landed in the South-South state on Tuesday.

“This is a significant milestone that has been delivered with the support of President Bola Tinubu, whose directive to all relevant agencies to support the ease of approvals was critical to the successful landing of this cable in Akwa Ibom, a first for the Niger Delta region,” he said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).



Tijani said the cable landing, as well as the one in Lagos are important building blocks in the government’s plan to achieve broadband connectivity coverage for the whole country. “We expect these cables to go live by early 2025,” he said.

Also, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Umo Eno, described the landing of the cable as “historic”.



He said the 2Africa submarine fibre optic cable, would link Nigeria to Europe, Asia, and other parts of Africa.

“This transformative project will propel us into the forefront of ICT innovation, fostering economic growth and technological advancement. As we prioritize the ICT sector in our ARISE Agenda, this investment aligns perfectly with our vision for a prosperous future. The high-speed broadband access provided by this infrastructure will unlock endless opportunities for our people,” the governor said on X.