The Climb Podcast

A podcast telling extraordinary stories of youths across Africa and African youths in the diaspora. The Climb Podcast is a podcast collaboration between the Channels Media Group and the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa in the London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • 26 Mar, 2023

    Mavis's Story

    At the age of 18, Namibian born Marvis Elias got her friends together to set up a foundation. The foundation sought to restore the dignity of Namibia's underprivileged, giving them an experience they deserve and fighting the scourge of poverty. A decade later, Mavis's foundation is one of Namibia's most impactful foundations and along the way, she has won a very special award from a very special woman. Listen to Mavis's story of the Climb Podcast.


  • 05 Mar, 2023

    Steven's Story

    Born in the midst of the brutal Sudanese civil war, Steven Wani's entire life has been shaped by conflict. The Sudanese civil war which stemmed from South Sudan's desire to be independent from the Republic of Sudan claimed thousands of lives, including Steven's father, who fought for the south. Today, South Sudan is an independent country but has failed to live up to the great sacrifices made for its freedom by men like Steven's father. Now a lawyer and young politician, Steven has taken up his father's fight, but not from the barrel of a gun this time, rather, Steven is doing it from the might of his intellects. So what exactly is he doing and how is he doing it? Listen to Steven's Story on The Climb Podcast.

    Episode Host: Jewel Atedou Bright
    Credits Narrator: Khadidiatou Cisse
    Podcast Hosts: Jewel Atedou Bright and Khadidiatou Cisse


  • 13 Feb, 2023

    Mariam's Story

    Follow the story of Mariam Dahir, a Somali doctor, researcher and anti-female genital mutilation activist, whose remarkable life work against FGM resulted in an historic law against FGM in her native Somaliland. How did she start? how was she able to accomplish all these in one of the most conservative regions of the world? and what's next for her? Listen to the Mariam's story on the climb podcast.

    Episode Host: Khadidiatou Cisse
    Episode Editor: Jewel Atedou Bright
    Podcast Hosts: Jewel Atedou Bright and Khadidiatou Cisse


  • 29 Jan, 2023

    John's Story

    At the age of 16, John Oseni, a boy living with his parents in the south-west Nigerian city of Akure had a burning passion. It was a passion his parents could not understand, but that passion was about to make them a very happy family. Now 17, John's passion has catapulted him from his little Nigerian town to the world stage and the gilded halls of the United Arab Emirates, where he received a special award from one of the Emirate's rulers.  So what was this passion? how did it come about? and how is John now helping other young Nigerians to live their own dreams? listen to John's story on the Climb Podcast.