Steve had his early career with the Nigerian Management Environment; He joined the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), in 1987, as a Guest Lecturer and Consultant.

To further his career in Corporate Management, Steve volunteered his service as participative management facilitator in 1991 at the Nigerian Integrated Rural Accelerated Development organisation (NIRADO)- an affiliate of the Brussels-based Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI).

Steve also worked with the African Resources Management Consultancies and Agroec Consultants, a group of management and staff development consultants, during the period.

In 1992, he embarked on an entrepreneurial venture by establishing Judo Management Services, whose primary operational strategy, is tilted towards management development, human resources utilization and management support services.

Steve had the unique privilege of consulting for Channels Incorporated in the area of staff recruitment, training and human resources development, he later joined other professionals to nurture a potentially vibrant organization, Channels Television in 1995.

He has held strategic positions in Channels Television as pioneer staff, and served in such capacities as Head of Operations, Assistant General Manager, Deputy General Manager, before his appoinment as General Manager.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology (1980), and Master of Science degree in Psychology (1983) from the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

In Channels Television, he has undergone several professional courses and participated in conferences in Nigeria, and internationally. They include;
• Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) Dakar, Senegal on Television Pluralism (2007)
• British Council Inter-action event, Nairobi Kenya on ATV African Media Forum (2005)
• University of the Witwatersrand, Graduate school of Business Administration, Johannesburg, South-Africa-Executive Management Development Programme (2002)
• U.S information agency and Voice of America International Broadcasting Bureau on Radio and Television sales and Management workshop (1999)
• Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN) Workshop on directing 1999
• National Broadcasting Commission Workshop on Deregulated Broadcasting (1997)
• U.S Information Service Workshop on independent Broadcasting in Nigeria (1996)
He is a member of Nigeria Guild of Editors, and enjoys gardening, travelling, good music, as well as watching television.
Steve is married to his beautiful wife and they are blessed with children.