Channels Book Club Features Author Of June 12 Inspired Book

This edition of Channels Book Club features the author of ‘June 12: 1993 Annulment,’ a graphic novel, Abraham Oshoko.

Mr Oshoko who describes himself as a writer and an artist, speaks about his book and its genre, graphic novels, which he says is not common in Africa.

“If you want to get people who don’t like to read to read, you have to give them incentives,” which is why the book is colourful and also has pictures in it, he said.

The edition also features two social entrepreneurs who decided to reawaken the reading culture in Nigeria through their initiative,, a free publishing site.

Julius ‘De Genuis’ Agwu Talks About ‘Jokes Apart’ – His Autobiography

In this episode of the Channels Book Club, Nigerian, stand up comedian, Julius Agwu talks about his humble journey to stardom through his book, Jokes Apart.

Also, Abraham Oshoko re-enacts the June 12 election saga through a graphic presentation.