Pakistan Woman commits suicide 12 years after acid attack

33 year old mother Fakhra Younus has decided to end her life after being attacked with a horrific acid bath.

At the time of the attack in May 2000, her Ex-husband Bilal Khar was accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid on Younus face while she was asleep.

Younus had undergone over 39 surgical operations, as her nose completely melted, her hair burned off, fused lips, blinding one of her eye, destroying one ear and melting her breasts.

The attack left her struggling for life and unable to breathe, after being rushed to the hospital Fakhra said “My face is a prison to me” and her five year old son who experienced the acid bath on his mother said “This is not my mother”
Fakhra committed suicide from a 6th floor building in Rome.