Muhammad Ali to be crowned king of boxing

Former heavy weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali will be named the ‘King of Boxing’ at the 50th convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC)

The event will begin Monday December 3-8 in Mexico’s Caribbean coastal resort of Cancun and will have over 100 champs and ex-champs to attend the convention.

The “crowning” of Ali will be one of the main events at the convention celebrating the 50th year of the WBC, which is headed by Mexican Jose Sulaiman.

Mr Sulaiman who has been the WBC president since 1975 mentioned that “It will be recognition for an entire life of greatness, there is nobody in the world who has done what Ali has done.”

He added that Ali deserved the honor “which he needs more” at this point in his life.

The former world champion has suffered from Parkinson’s for years.

The WBC was founded in 1963 by Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos