Politician Says PDP Unperturbed By Emergence Of Political Parties

A former Minister of Agriculture in Imo State and staunch PDP Member, Longiers Anyanwu has declared that the ruling party PDP is not in any way worried about the new political parties ahead of the 2015 elections, because the PDP is only concerned about the wellbeing of Nigerians and good governance of the nation.

Mr Longiers, who was a guest on Sunrise Daily, the breakfast programme on Channels Television however stated that a repeat of happenings in 2003,2006 and 2007 is about unfolding in 2013 where some people form emergency parties with shabby agendas, with the aim of ‘uproot’ the ruling party PDP from power, but that move never worked for the perpetrators.

Reacting to the recent change in the political arena of the country, that is, the registration of two new parties ID and PDM, and also in particular, the merger party, APC, which has vowed to reshape the politics in Nigeria, the former minister said PDP has no scores to settle with any party, therefore the registered parties are welcome unto the political fold if, they are in it for the benefit of Nigeria.

“We are not threatened by any form of entry, I want to assure you that PDP has been on ground for 14 years, sustaining its core values, promoting peace, ensuring that the territorial integrity of this country is protected, which are the cardinal values of our party

“It is strange today that we are experiencing the entrance of political parties that declare itself before the crafting of their manifestos, it is amazing that a party can emerge without clear cut dimension, without clear-cut ideological base, only to come out and attack the president and the chairman of our party without any agenda recklessly to cause aspersion on the existing political party”

Mr Longiers however stated that despite the PDP welcoming these parties with ‘constructive criticism’ the ruling party will no longer tolerate the unnecessary distractions, overheating of the polity as it is not fair on the party.

Maintain Your Integrity, Speaker Warns PIB Ad-Hoc Committee

The Speaker of the House of Representatives; Honourable Aminu Tambuwal has cautioned the House adhoc committee members on petroleum industry bill to maintain their integrity as they work on the crucial legislation.

The Speaker gave this warning while inaugurating the committee which is to work on the much anticipated bill that is expected to revolutionize the country’s petroleum sector.

He said Nigeria does not have a monopoly of oil exports and must quickly do the right things in the oil sector to be able to compete with its neighbours.

Mr.Tambuwal also advised the committee to draft a bill that will address present and future concerns in the industry.

The chairman of the adhoc committee, Representative Ishaika Bawa said the House has no hidden agenda as it begins its work and will ensure that its final report reflects the expectations of most Nigerians.