We Lost A Staff To Adamawa Community Attack – Government

The Adamawa State Government has said that one of its staff members was lost to Friday’s attack in Numan local government area of the state that claimed the lives of two village heads and injured several others.

State Commissioner for Information, Mr Ahmad Sajoh said this on Wednesday, when he appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s Breakfast programmes, Sunrise Daily.

“I lost a staff. Adamawa Television Corporation lost a staff in this crisis and it hurts me very deeply but despite all the negatives, I want us to look at the positives a little,” he said.

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Sajoh, however, lauded the step taken by the Federal Government through the visit of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to the state, commiserating with the victims of the attack.

The visit by the Vice President, he said complements the efforts of the state government where he said the Governor, Mr Bindo Jibrilla cut short his foreign trip to assess the situation.

“When these things happen, the response from the Federal Government must be commended. The first was the IGP, then the GOC, now the Vice President himself came. That is a very commendable step. The government of Adamawa State too did something very positive. The governor was abroad when the first attack took place. He cut short his journey and came back.

“The deputy-governor visited Numan immediately the first attack happened. The security forces also coordinated very well by providing both soft and hard approaches to ensure that these things are contained,” he said.

The commissioner also advocated that strict punishment be meted out to people who derive joy in killing their fellow human beings.

According to him, this will serve as a deterrent to others who might conceive such sinister move.

The state’s mouthpiece also appealed to aggrieved parties not to take the laws into their hands, as doing so might ignite further violence.

Herdsmen Attacks: Adamawa Government Calls For Calm

Three Policemen Feared Dead After Clash With Suspected Herdsmen

Adamawa State Commissioner for Information, Mr Ahmad Sajoh has reacted to the early Monday attack in Lawaru and Dong communities saying the state government and security agencies are on top of the situation.

Sajoh who called for calm among Adamawa residents spoke during a phone-in conversation on Channels Television Breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

He explained that the military is working in collaboration with other security agencies and are on top of the situation.

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“We also received this information just about now that there is an attack on the community known as Lawaru that the attackers are marching unto dawn.

“Although the situation is still being analysed, the security forces are on top of the situation and the attackers are suspected to be Fulani herdsmen. Nobody can say exactly what is going on,” he said.

Sajoh made reference to the previous attack in Numan adding that efforts are being channeled by security agencies to curtail its reoccurrence.

“We have been trying to contain the situation. We have done everything we could do to make sure such an attack does not take place,” he said.

Although the commissioner regretted the sad development, he, however, appealed to residents of the state not to take laws into their hands but to be calm.

Sajoh further reiterated the government’s position of restoring peace in the troubled region.

Adamawa IDPs Celebrate Eid-el-Kabir With Governor Jibrilla

IDPs, Bama, Humanitarians, BornoAs Muslims all over the world celebrate this year’s Eid-el-Kabir festivities with pomp and pageantry, lots of food to eat and visits to friends and relations, Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla is making sure that the less privileged partake of the blessings.

He has shelved the traditional Sallah visits to the Government House and opted to celebrate the Sallah with the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Malkohi Camp, in Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The camp has about 2,000 IDPs, with children and women making the highest number.

Governor Jibrilla arrived at Malkohi Camp in company of some members of his Executive Council and some Legislators amidst cheers by IDPs.

It was a moment for the displaced persons to forget their sorrows of having to stay away from their homes, following their displacement by the Insurgents.

The State Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Ahmad Sajoh, in his speech told the IDPs that they had come to celebrate the Edi-el-Kabir with them.

This year’s Sallah was one with a difference, as there was a lot to eat and drink for the IDPs supplied by the government. Cooked food, drinks and snacks were provided for the IDPs.

The Governor did not only give a helping hand in the distribution but joined the IDPs in enjoying the meal alongside his Deputy Governor and the Speaker of the State House of Assembly.

The government officials later joined the children of the camp in a dance.

Speaking to reports at the event, Governor Jibrilla appealed to the Federal Government to hasten the reconstruction of areas recovered from Boko Haram so that the IDPs could return home and continue with their farming business.

Some of the IDPs appreciated the Governor for identifying with them and appealed for government’s assistance so that they could return home.

One of the IDPs, Maimunat Abdullahi, who spoke in Hausa language, said: “We really thank God for this year’s Sallah to receive the Governor and celebrate the Sallah with us.

“We thank the Governor. Our only problem is that we want the government to clear our villages of the remnant of the insurgents so that we can return home.

“Here we have learnt skills like making soap and Vaseline and knitting but another challenge is that we have a lot of unaccompanied children with us.

“We will require government assistance so that we can do business and take care of these children”.

Another IDP, Ibrahim, told reporters that he was so happy celebrating the Sallah with the Governor of the state.

“I thank the Governor for the food and I pray that God will bless him,” he said.

The Sallah celebration at the Malkohi IDPs Camp was an attempt to give them a sense of belonging by the Adamawa State government.

Adamawa Governor Joins Call For Community Policing

adamawaIn the aftermath of the Jambutu bombing in Jimeta-Yola, the Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Umar Jibrilla, is calling for community policing.

The Governor believes it will help reduce the increasing suicide attacks on places of worship in the north-east Nigerian State.

A suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Jambutu on Friday, killing at least 30 persons and injuring over 40 others.

Governor Jibrilla, who convened an Emergency Security Committee meeting shortly after receiving a Federal Government delegation led by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr David Lawal, on Saturday October 24.

The meeting, which lasted several hours, took far reaching decisions which include the need to intensify prayers and massive Public Enlightenment among many others.

In attendance were His Royal Highness the Lamido Adamawa Dr. Muhammad Mustapha, all the Service Commanders in Yola, Chairman Adamawa State House of Assembly Committee on Security, the Attorney-General of the State, the Chief of Staff to the Governor and the Commissioner for Information.

The meeting reviewed the security situation in the state taking note of attacks on isolated communities in Madagali Local Government Area as well as the Jambutu bombing.

A statement by the Commissioner for Information, Ahmad Sajoh, said “it was observed that these desperate acts of cowardly attacks on soft target are as a result of the fact that the insurgents have been degraded as a fighting force and have also been smoked out of their hiding places”.

The meeting resolved to step-up Public Enlightenment in the state using conventional media as well as traditional media such as public address vans, town criers, posters, handbills in addition to the use of radio and television Jingles.

Security alertness was considered paramount, with the public encouraged to partner with security forces in mounting vigorous vigilance in all communities in Adamawa State.

The meeting resolved that all traditional rulers the state must be engaged in the process of community policing.

“Traditional Rulers were to support Government and the Security Agencies in public enlightenment, monitoring movements, identifying strange persons and coordinating the activities of local vigilantes and hunters within communities,” the statement read.

Abuse Of Drug And Criminal Activities 

The meeting also called for constant prayers in all communities including Special Eid Prayers by Muslims and Special Crusades by Christian groups to seek God’s intervention in the process of securing communities in the state.

Another very serious issue discussed was the connection between abuse of drug related substances and criminal activities including terrorism.

The meeting resolved to equally combat drug abuse and include issues of drug abuse in all public enlightenment matters.

It was further resolved that the youth would form a special target in formulating policies on security.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that an expanded security committee involving Service Commanders, Traditional Rulers and Religious Leaders would be convened by the Governor to re-design a new Security Architecture for the state.

“This is to be a matter of urgency so as to actualise community policing, increased vigilance, intensified prayer sessions and Public Enlightenment.

“The Commissioner for Information is to equally convene a meeting of all Media Executives and other stakeholders including NOA to create a blueprint for Public Awareness in the state,” the statement further read.

Security Agents Will Release Mubi Attack Casualty Details This Morning – Official

The Adamawa State Director of Press, Mr Ahmad Sajoh, on Monday confirmed the blast that occurred at a football viewing centre in Mubi Local Government Area of Adamawa State, adding that “details will be made known to the community this morning”.

“Government is assessing the situation” he said, noting thatAhmad Sajoh “all movement ceases by 7PM except for security agents, so the details (of the blast) will be made known to the community this morning” via a telephone interview on Sunrise Daily.

Mr Sajoh also confirmed that “people who suspect that their relatives were at the site of the blast have been trooping to the hospital to try to see if their loved ones are among the ones who are either killed or wounded”.

He however described the incidence as an “unfortunate and regrettable” occurrence, insisting that “we never hoped or prayed for it” and prayed “to see the end of this dastardly act”.

He commended the awareness of residents in the state, noting that “when we heard of the killings in Koma area, I visited the District Head, Imams, Pastors and community leaders and they all assured me that their subjects are always wary of suspicious movements” but “happily for us the story turned out to be false and we felt very relieved that there were no killings in Koma”.

Koma District is a smaller town compared to the commercial hub of the state, Mubi. It comprises of one district, seven villages and two Councillor wards.

Sajoh assured that even “the animals” in Koma were safe when he visited the area.

He described the false story in Koma as “scare mongering” and appealed to people to stop because “it is not in the interest of anybody” insisting that “we have a very grave and terrible situation in our hand and we can only confound it if we add a bit of scare mongering to it” he said.

Sajoh Calls for Deployment Of More Security Operatives In The North

The Director of Press and Public Affairs in Adamawa State, Ahmad Sajoh, has called for the deployment of more security operatives in the state, revealing that at the time of the attack on the villages in Adamawa, there were not enough security operatives there and the victims had to go to a far village to seek shelter.

He questioned the state of emergency given by President Goodluck Jonathan and the closing of borders to Cameroon, stating that the attacks have not stopped.

He explained that when the Lamido of Adamawa and some delegations where to go to Cameroon, they had to go through Taraba because the Adamawa border was closed. Recently, the Federal Government demanded the closure of the borders to Cameroon which he further questioned. “Which other border again was closed is it the one that was already closed or it was opened unknown to us and later closed”.

On Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Sajoh commended the efforts the soldiers had put in tracking and reducing the insurgency but also complained that these “terrorists attack have occurred for so long without being challenged”. “With the kind of movement they make in attacking, we need to question the ground and air surveillance we say we have in place.”

He also stated that during the attack, distress calls were made without success.

“I attempted to call the Police P.R.O and the Army P.R.O but their lines were not available,” Mr Sajoh.

He cleared the air on his disagreement with the Federal Government putting Adamawa among other states under the state of emergency, saying; “we accepted, we co-operated and worked with the security agencies but what we don’t agree with is the imposition of the state of emergency,” he added.

Bamanga Tukur’s Troubles Originated In Adamawa – State Government

The Director of Press in the Adamawa State House, Ahmad Sajoh, on Wednesday told Channels Television that the outcry against the National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Bamanga Tukur as well as the call for his removal originated from a poorly conducted party election in the northern state.

Speaking as a guest on the station’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Sajoh said acts of impunity by the leadership of the PDP at the national level led to the on-going crisis which has threatened to engulf the nation.

“Beyond what we are seeing in Rivers, I can see dangers in the whole country” as issues of National Development seem to have taken the back burner while issues of ethnicity, personalities and religions have dominated discourses in the public domain.

He noted that “politicians are becoming too self-centered. They are thinking of their self too much, much more than they are thinking of the nation or the people.”

“If the situation in Adamawa was managed properly, maybe the National Chairman (of the PDP) would not have gotten to where he is because that is the genesis of the entire crisis.”

“The whole agitations against him, the level of impunity that people are talking about today came from Adamawa,” he said.

He continued by saying that: “There was an election of the party leadership in Adamawa. That election was conducted by a panel sent by the National Secretariat. No Adamawa indigene was involved, no Adamawa person was involved.

“The panel called for nominations, screened the candidates, declared them fit to contest, conducted the elections and those that won the elections. They (panel) wrote a report (I have a copy of the report) to the National Secretariat that the election in Adamawa state was free, fair and in accordance with the constitution of the PDP. An appeal panel came and said Adamawa people have appeared to understand the meaning of working together so they passed the process.

“Shortly after that, a letter came from the National Secretariat dissolving the EXCO on the grounds that something violated the PDP constitution in the constitution of the EXCO.

“At that point, if after there was this strict argument based on the law and the documents available and if superior argument had won and the national leadership accepted that they were wrong in doing this or right in doing this and an amicable settlement was done, then this crisis would not have escalated to other states being affected, other people affected and now it’s trying to engulf the entire country,” Sajoh said.

He berated the attitude of Nigerian politicians for being unrelenting in their quest for position, adding that “most of us in politics in Nigeria are too self-centered. It’s about self and now we have also extended that same thing to the larger society by insisting that all discussions should be about individuals, about where they come from.”

According to him, the same scenario is playing out in Rivers State where the issue revolves around persons including Governor Chibuike Amaechi who had defected to the opposition party, the First Lady of the nation, Dame Patience Jonathan and others.

He described the situation in the oil-rich state ominous for the entire nation and that dishonesty on the part of the Police Commissioner, Joseph Mbu on the use of rubber bullets is a recipe for more troubles for the nation. “When people do things and don’t own up to them, it is a recipe for serious crisis in the country,” he said.

He cited the crisis which has torn apart the Central African Republic, adding that the crisis of leadership in Nigeria could create more repercussions than expected if left to degenerate.

Sajoh however expressed confidence in the power of dialogue adding that “political differences could be discussed no matter what they are without resorting to the use of violence.”