Impersonating Pastor Chris Okotie Brought Me Fame – AY

Popular Comedian, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has disclosed that his impersonation of popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okotie got him his fame.

Popular Pentecostal Preacher, Chris Okotie is well known for his passionate sermons which are usually filled with complex mix of English and Latin vocabularies to the amazement of his large church and television audiences.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, AY said that his line of comedy focuses on stand-up, skit and impersonation as he is known to have also successfully made popular jokes by mimicking several Nigerian entertainers including D’Banj and Tuface Idibia.

He noted that while most Nigerian comedians are social commenters who know how to observe their environment and make jokes from everyday happenings, he had chosen a path that works best for him and which also helps him to maintain his originality.

He further attributed his fast rise in the business to the influence of the one popularly known in Nigeria as the ‘King of Comedy’, Ali Baba, stating that he was a mentor that helped him find his bearing in the art of comedy.

Speaking about moving forward, AY, who has consistently displayed an appreciable level of creativity with his production of TV shows, drama and comedy concerts, revealed that his next project would be working on a movie.

He revealed that the new movie would feature ageless Hollywood star, Vivica Fox.

2013 Economic Review: Analysts Advocate Support For Local Industry

Experts in Nigeria’s banking and commerce industries have emphasized the need for Nigeria to develop infrastructure if its dream of building local industry would be fulfilled in the year 2014.

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, CIBN, Alex Ananeje, made this statement while appearing on the breakfast programme, Sunrise on Channels Television.

A Director of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, Dele Alimi, who was also a guest on the programme, added that there is no way the Nigerian economy can grow if the government does not provide an enabling environment for local businesses to thrive.

On its final edition for the year 2013, the programme sought to do a review of Nigeria’s performance during the year, and according to Alimi, “If we solve the problem of power in Nigeria, you will be shocked at the level of growth that will follow.”

While making his case for the Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, Mr Alimi noted that statistics have shown that SMEs are responsible for over 30 million jobs in Nigeria. A figure he said means that they actually drive the economy. Therefore the country cannot afford to let the sector suffer.

Although, he agreed that the structure of many SMEs in Nigeria is not good enough, especially when the need to access funding is concerned, as only few lenders would want to release money to some of these small businesses considering the way they are run, but because the country needs that sector to thrive, then it must do all things to help business owners restructure their ventures; a role he said the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, has been taking seriously.

Looking back at 2013, Mr Ananeje said that we (Nigeria) “could have done better as far as our economy is concerned”

Mr Alimi however added a different perspective to how much below par Nigeria’s economic performance had been during the year. He said that the cost of governance in Nigeria is too high, and there have been no real efforts to bring it down.

He alleged that the efforts made by the government, claiming to have reduced the salaries of government officials are deceptive, arguing that they only reduced their basic salaries while the large allowances are still being paid.

He asked for renewed policies to drive the economy, starting with developing programmes that will affect the people directly; from the farmers to the barbershop owners. He said that we need to build an economy where a barber can start his business without first bothering about acquiring a power generator.

Looking ahead, Alex Ananeje warned that the country is going to have some serious challenges in 2014, especially for the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN: “We are entering the election year and more money will be pumped into the system, there has to be a stronger monetary policy put in place”


Golden Eaglets Knew They Would Win – Minister of Sports

The Minister for Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi, has expressed joy over the Golden Eaglets 3-0 victory over Mexico, stating that the boys were dominating and confident that they will win.

The minister said that he had advised the Golden Eaglets to put in their best and make sure the Mexicans didn’t score first.

Speaking during a telephone interview, on Channels Television Saturday breakfast show, Sunrise, Mr. Abdullahi stated that the match was a tough one but the boys knew that it was the final and were ready for it.

He explained that the boys were assembled and screened two years ago through the coaching crew.

“Their first test was African Championship U-17, after which the coaching crew had to go back to the drawing board to make the team better,” the Minister stated.

The Mexicans Need To Be Applauded – Sports Analyst

A sports analyst, Mr. Kunle Solaja has said that the Mexicans need to be applauded for getting to the final stage of the tournament after their previous 6-1 defeat from Nigeria in the group games.

Mr. Solaja commended the team for building confidence after the defeat.

He pointed out that pressure was so much on the Mexicans and stated that their previous defeat, rather than demoralise them, made them do their best.

“Unfortunately, they lost to Nigeria again,” he said.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast show, Sunrise, Mr. Solaja said that “this is the first time in many years of the FIFA competition, that three teams from the same group stage got to the last four”.

He emphasized that winning the competition was a good one but stressed the importance of sustenance, as the whole world would focus on Nigeria. “Some people may think that Nigeria cheated.

“Its now incumbent on us to show the world that we are a football emerging country,” he said.


New Voters Card has a life span of 10years – INEC

INEC spokesman Kayode Idowu has said that the old cards will be replaced with permanent cards which have an average life span of about 10years.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast show, Mr. Idowu disclosed that the cards can be used in at least two general elections.

He said that the card is a contact lens card that has an embedded biometric chip which includes all the data’s of the voter and the picture.

He added that the card has a card reader that will be read before the election.

Withdrawal of JTF May Lead to More Causalities – Analyst

A public Affairs analyst Nduka Nwabueze has said that security in the northern part has gotten to a point where everyone has to fight to survive.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, Mr. Nwabueze explained that life has come to a stand still for the people in the north.

Nwabueze said most of these terrorists have been trained and know how to operate and manipulate these gadgets.

He added that the police and the JFT can’t be everywhere and this might lead to more causality.

Electricity Can Be Used To Tackle Insecurity – Analyst

A security expert Abayomi Dawodu has said that one of the measures which can used in tackling security is electricity, stating that all the gadgets used in monitoring the activities of the sect is electricity which we lack in Nigeria.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, Mr. Dawodu explained that the government might also have a hand in terrorism by providing a platform for such act to occur.

He said that one of Nigeria’s major challenges is electricity and if it’s settled, the aspect of security will be easier to handle.

He added that “when people are given what is due to them that we will get out of this”

Actors’ Guild Crisis: Don Pedro Claims He Won AGN Election

A factional Chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Pedro Aganbi has said that he won the election and it was very clear during the counting of the ballot papers.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast show Sunrise Mr. Aganbi said that he scored 45 votes over his running mate Victor Osuwagu.

He said in 2011 he contested as the state PRO and is qualified to contest as the president contrary to the allegation that he wasn’t qualified to run as a president of the guild.

He also accused the National president of the guild, Ibinabo Fiberesima for fiddling with the ballot papers.

Mr. Aganbi explained that the National President of the Guild set up a committee without consulting the outing state chairman, stating that the former chairman went to court.

He said that there has been a court injunction preventing the elections to hold.

Judiciary Reforms: There is Need To Sanitize The System At The Bar Level – Nzeakor

A legal practitioner Fred Nzeakor has said that the Judiciary reform is not meant to victimize anyone at all levels but only to access justice.

Speaking at Channels Television’s Saturday breakfast show Sunrise Mr. Nzeakor said the reforms is not aimed at attacking anybody’s interest negatively but is meant to reform the system due to the loop holes in the administration.

He said justice system generally in Nigeria needs reforms he said “delay of justice is almost equal to denial of justice”, stating that once there is such delay in accessing justice it brings anarchy and terrible situations.

Mr. Nzeakor said that the judiciary has been infiltrated with politics and the easiest way of such infiltrations is through electoral tribunals.

He explained that politicians, who want to access justice through the tribunal, want the judges to obey their bidding by bribing the judges and most of the judges’ fall for the bribe.

He stated that reforms stand to achieve speedy dispensation of justice.

He advised that there should be need to sanitize the judiciary system at the level of the bar.

How To Address Wasting of 1.3billion Tonnes Of Food

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the world is reported to waste about 1.3billion tonnes of food annually.

With the recently marked World’s Environment Day, which had the theme; ‘Think, Eat, Save’ an anti-food waste campaign geared to make everyone reduce their food print, this edition of Sunrise focuses on how addressing food wastage can help preserve our environment in Nigeria.

According to John Osonwa, a climate change expert, “the 1.3billion tonnes of food wasted are more than the entire food produced by the entire sub-Sahara region and it is enough to feed the 1billion people in the world, who go to bed hungry every day.” This waste, he warns, is highly devastating to the environment.

Speaking on Channels TV weekend breakfast programme; Sunrise, the climate change expert noted that the bulk of food wasted in Nigeria “is not in the consumption aspect, but in the production aspect.”

Mr Osonwa is joined by Bola Ilori, Special adviser to the Governor, State of Osun on Environment and Anthony Akpan, an environmentalist and President, African Mission for Environment. They all called for attitudinal change such as government policy on food storage and efficient transportation to address post-harvest loses.

They also called for green initiatives such as construction of trees and waste management.

Reps To Oppose Six-Year Single Tenure

A member of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on Review of the Constitution, Ibrahim El-Sudi has stated that the overwhelming position as collated from the sitting of the House is that the present presidential system of four years, of two terms should be retained.

This is against the recommendation by the Senate committee on Constitution amendment, which recommends a single term of six years for President and Governors.

According to Mr El-Sudi, who was a guest on Channels TV weekend programme; Sunrise, the two chambers of the National Assembly, will have to come together via an harmonisation committee to thrash out their differences ahead of the final amendment.

The lawmaker based the House decision on the claim that when elected for a single term, the elected officers will deliberately not perform because there is nothing to loose.

Reps Seek Power To Impeach, Not Remove President

A member of the House of Representatives, Ibrahim El-Sudi has explained that the bill to simplify impeachment process of the President is geared to ‘impeach’ and not ‘remove’ the President from office.

According to the lawmaker who was a guest on Channels TV weekend programme; Sunrise, “there is a stark difference between impeach and removal.”

He explained that an impeached President would still be in office until a two-third majority vote by the Senate removes him.

A bill to simplify the process, through which the President and Vice-President can be impeached, passed a second reading on Tuesday.

Mr El-Sudi, a member of the House committee on Constitution Amendment further explained that the new impeachment process is modelled after the American Constitution which allows the House of Representatives to impeach the President over allegations of misconducts or wrong-doings.

He cited the example of US President Bill Clinton, who was “successfully impeached by the House of Representatives over the Monica Lewinsky scandal but the US Senate failed to remove him from office because the scandal (according to them – Senate) was not a gross misconduct.”