China Arrests Japanese Citizen Suspected Of Spying

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Chinese authorities on Monday arrested a Japanese citizen suspected of spying, state media said.

The arrest was made in the port city of Dalian in the northeastern Liaoning province, which borders North Korea, the official Dalian Daily’s online report said.

The report said Ken Higuchi was being investigated by the Dalian City National Security Bureau on suspicion of spying against China, and that prosecutors had approved his arrest.

The character given for Higuchi’s first name could also be-be the names Takeshi or Takeru.

China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Lu Kang said, “Based on my understanding, relevant Chinese departments are carrying out investigations into a Japanese citizen suspected of attempting to endanger the security of the People’s Republic of China, in accordance with the law.

“At this point, I must point out that we immediately informed the relevant Japanese consular authorities in China in accordance with consular agreements between China and Japan.”

It was unclear from the report, however, whether Higuchi was a new case or whether he had been detained earlier, and the latest development was his formal arrest.

Reuters was unable to contact Japan’s foreign ministry by telephone. Monday was a national holiday in Japan.


London Train Attack: British Police Arrest 18-year-old

An armed police officer stands guard as the Household Cavalry leave the Horse Guards Parade in central London on September 16, 2017.

British police made their first arrest on Saturday over the bombing of a London underground train, detaining a man at the country’s main ferry port and describing the development as significant.

30 people were treated in hospital after the bomb detonated in a packed train carriage on Friday morning, in what was Britain’s fifth terror attack in six months. The blast inflicted flash burns on passengers while others fled in panic.

Police in the southern port area of Dover said an 18-year-old man had been detained and he is due to be transferred to custody in London.

“This arrest will lead to more activity from our officers,” they said in a statement, outlining that the teenager was being held under anti-terror legislation.

Friday’s incident which was claimed by the Islamic State group has led to the national threat level being raised to critical — meaning another attack could be imminent.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced late Friday that troops numbering 1,000 were deployed and would take on responsibility for guarding key sites, including nuclear facilities, to free up police.

In a statement, anti-terrorism Chief Mark Rowley said officers were “chasing down suspects”.

“Somebody has planted this improvised explosive device on the Tube. We have to be open-minded at this stage about him and potential associates,” he said.



Alleged Money Laundering: Justice Ngwuta’s Trial Stalled

Alleged Money Laundering: Justice Ngwuta's Trial StalledA Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, has adjourned the trial of Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, to January 18 and 23, 2017.

The Supreme Court Justice, is standing trial for corruption, alleged money laundering, breach of professional ethics and passport forgery related offenses.

The adjournment followed an application by the counsel to Justice Ngwuta, Chief Kanu Agabi, who told the court that he needed more time to prepare for trials as some documents given to him by the prosecution still needed to be studied.

This did not go down well with the prosecutor who urged the court to turn down the application.

However, trial judge, Justice John Tsoho delivered his ruling in favour of the defendant, Ngwuta, on the ground that section 36 of the constitution allows a defendant time to prepare for his defense.

He also added that the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, also allows parties in a suit to at least five request for adjournment, afterwhich he adjourned the case.

Justice Ngwuta is one of the justices arrested and detained by the department of state services on October 8, 2016 for corruption and breach of professional ethics.

In November, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta had entered a not guilty plea to the 15-count charges leveled against him by the federal government.

He was also been granted bail in the sum of 100 million Naira on self-recognition.

Alleged Money Laundering: Justice Ngwuta Pleads Not Guilty, Granted Bail

Alleged Money Laundering: Justice Ngwuta Pleads Not GuiltyJustice Sylvester Ngwuta has entered a not guilty plea to the 15-count charges of money laundering, breach of professional ethics and forgery leveled against him by the federal government.

He has also been granted bail in the sum of 100 million naira on self-recognition.

When the charges were read to him, the Supreme Court judge told the court that he was not guilty of the 15 counts.

Attempt by his lawyer to ask for bail was opposed by the prosecutor, Mr Adeogun Philips who said he had just been served and would need a short adjournment to respond.

With no objection by the defence lawyers, the trial judge, Justice James Tsoho, stood down the case by two hours.

On resumption of hearing on the bail application, counsel to Justice Ngwuta, Kanu Agabi asked the court to release the defendant on self-recognizance, taking judicial notice of the fact that he is a justice of the Supreme Court and the fact that he has been on administrative bail since on October 8, 2016.

Opposing the application, the prosecuting counsel, Mr Charles Philips, said that the defendant cannot be granted bail with respect to his position.

Mr Philips, who referred to charges number three and charges numbers 10-16 against Justice Ngwuta, informed the tribunal that barely 20 minutes after he was released on administrative bail, Justice Ngwuta gave instructions to a witness in the case to remove two or three bags containing 27 million naira from his bathroom at his residence in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

The prosecuting counsel also told the court that Justice Nwguta also instructed the said witness to remove three exotic cars from his residence on the same day and that they are nowhere to be found. That is what forms the subject of charge number three.

Speaking further he informed the court that in the course of investigation, the Department of State Services (DSS) discovered that Justice Ngwuta maintained multiple identities.

According to him Justice Ngwuta had four passports which he used concurrently.

Although he had reported two of those passports missing, he argued that in any jurisdiction in the world, if a person possesses several identities he cannot be released on self-recognizance.

He therefore asked the court not to grant bail but if it is inclined to, it should grant bail in the most stringent terms.

Reacting to the counter application, counsel to Justice Ngwuta, Mr Kanu Agabi, told the court that he was not willing to join issues with the prosecutor because he had gone into the substantive suit which is not allowed by law and that the constitution is clear as to when bail should be granted or not.

He added that should the court reach its conclusion based on the prosecutor’s submissions, verdict would have been decided before the case is started.

Having listen to both parties, the trial judge, Justice John Tsoho stood down the matter for ruling at 2:30PM.

Granted Bail

On resumption, Justice John Tsoho granted bail to Justice Sylvester Ngwuta in the sum of 100 million naira on self-recognizance.

According to Justice Tsoho though the prosecution sought to impress the court on the defendants’ unworthiness for bail, it failed to show that in spite of the concerns raised, the defendant had his administrative bail revoked.

He also added that it is no secret that the security agencies are watching every move made by the judge with kin interest, which is how they found that he had multiple passports.

As such the prosecution should rely on the same security apparatus to prevent any attempt not to be available for trial.

He added that it would be great injustice to prevent any citizen from enjoying bail in available offence.

According to Justice Tsoho, it is on record that the prosecution had filed an affidavit of completion of investigation and on the other hand it is raising objections that witnesses and evidence will be tampered with.

The prosecution, he said, should be able to maintain consistency rather than the inconsistencies.

Justice Tsoho then went on to say that there is no evidence before the court that Justice Ngwuta would not be available for his trial and because the offence for which he is standing trial is bailable, he is inclined to grant bail.

Trial has been fixed for December 7 and 8.

Justice Ngwuta was one of the seven judges arrested after a DSS raid on the homes of High Court and Supreme Court judges across the country on October 8, 2016.

NBA Insists Arrest Of Judges By DSS Is Unconstitutional

Abubakar-Mahmoud-NBA-PresidentThe Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has reaffirmed its position that the arrest and detention of two Supreme Court Justices and five other justices of the Federal High Court, by the Department of State Security Service (DSS) was unlawful and unconstitutional.

The President of the Association Mr Abubakar Mahmud said this after a meeting of the association in Abuja.

The group warned that the country’s judiciary should not be exposed to ridicule and disdain by security operatives under the guise of fighting corruption.

In a statement, the association condemned the manner of arrest of the judicial officers by the Department of State Security (DSS) conducted in the middle of the night by masked and armed personnel.

Full Text: NBA Press Release

“We view the action as illegal and unconstitutional. It is not in line with accepted norms in a democratic state. It is unacceptable to the NBA.

“The NBA reiterates in unmistakable terms, its commitment to the fight against corruption and commits itself to collaborate with the Federal Government in bringing culprits to justice whether Judges or ordinary people.

“However, we will only do this within the ambit of the law and in accordance with due process.

“The NBA shall engage all stakeholders in order to build a consensus on how to win the war against corruption which has eaten deeply into the fabric of the Nigerian Nation and appears to have made inroad into the nation’s judiciary.

“Consequently, the NBA shall in the next few weeks engage in high level consultation with the office of the Honourable Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, National Assembly, the police, anti-corruption agencies and other law enforcement institutions of Government”.

The association stated that it is not unmindful that there is divergence of views on the matter, particularly having regard to the frustration of Nigerians with the failure of government to check corruption.

“However we remind the general public and our members in particular, that motto is “Promoting the rule of law” and we will not undermine this position on grounds of expediency.

“The NBA hereby set-up a task force to be co-chaired by past presidents, Wole Olanipekun, SAN and Olisa Agbakogba, SAN to come up with detailed proposals and strategies on how to strengthen the disciplinary process of the judiciary with a view to enhancing its effectiveness and rebuilding public confidence in the Justice Sector.

We will make recommendations to the National Judicial Council and the Government through the office of Hon. Attorney General of the Federation”.

DSS Explains Why They Are After Judges

The DSS spokesman, Abdullahi Garba

The Department of State Services (DSS) in Nigeria has given reasons for its arrest of some judges.

This is coming after the Governor of Rivers State accused them and the police of trying to abduct a serving Federal High Court judge in his residence at number 35, Forces Avenue in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

In a statement after the foiled arrest on Saturday, a spokesman for the DSS, Abdullahi Garba, said that the service had in the past few days, embarked on raids of residents of some Judges of the Supreme, Appeal and High Courts.

Mr Garba says the operations are based on allegations of corruptions and other acts of professional misconduct by a few of the suspected Judges.

Wike Accuses Police, DSS

Nyesom Wike, Police, DSS, JudgeBut the Rivers State Governor had accused the police and the Department of State Services (DSS) of trying to abduct a serving Federal High Court judge in his residence at number 35, Forces Avenue in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The State Governor, Mr Nyesom Wike, on getting wind of the incidence, went to the residence of the judge with the aim of averting the arrest.

A statement issued by the Special Assistant to the Governor on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, said the security operatives were angered by the governor’s arrival at the scene shortly after the process began.

Lindsay Lohan may face legal woes again

channels_television_lindsay_lohan25 year old actress Lindsay Lohan is at it again as a woman in West Hollywood pointed accusing fingers at her that Lindsay shoved her inside a nightclub on April 5th.

The troubled actress who just finished a probation from a 2007 case barely weeks will likely be facing the court again if all things go as planned.

The Sheriff’s station in West Hollywood filed a report on April 7th after the woman made her complaints and the office immediately swung into action as investigation has begun following the complaint.

From the Lindsay’s quarters the publicist denied that Lindsay never went to the club and it can be tagged as a cheap stunt by someone who is in dire need of a moment of fame and probably a way to rake in some money for her person.

It can be recalled that while on the 2007 case of ‘Driving under the influence of Alcohol’ she was warned specifically by Stephaine Sauter to stay off the clubs and focus on her future and if what she has on her hands happens to be true then Lindsay will be in for it again as it took her five years to complete her probation requirements and not too long ago, she was most recently in trouble for an alleged hit and too.

It seems like Judge Stephaine Sauter’s warning in March for the young star to “stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work,” has fallen on deaf ears!