Sri Lanka Arrests Three Accused Of Killing Leopard For Asthma Cure


Leopard killings
A Sri Lankan police Chief Inspector holds the severed head of a leopard who was entrapped in a snare and killed, in Ududumbara some 50 kms from the city of Kandy in central Sri Lanka on September 25, 2020. – Sri Lanka’s police on September 25 arrested three people, including a woman, for entrapping and killing of an endangered leopard and trying to sell its meat as a cure for asthma. (Photo by – / AFP) / 


Sri Lankan police on Friday arrested three people suspected of trapping and killing an endangered leopard and trying to sell its meat as a cure for asthma.

The trio were detained after police raided their home following a tip-off that they had used a snare to catch the creature in the central highlands.

“They cut the head off and killed the animal after it got caught in the snare on Thursday,” chief inspector Dushantha Kangara told AFP by phone.

He said the suspects had thrown the leopard’s head in the forest and removed the carcass to sell the animal’s skin, meat and other body parts.

Several leopards have been trapped by snares in the region, some 175 kilometres (110 miles) east of Colombo.

Kangara said there was a popular belief that leopard meat could cure asthma.

Police seized 17 kilos (37 pounds) of leopard meat from the three suspects.

There are believed to be fewer than 1,000 leopards in the wild in Sri Lanka, and harming the big cat is punishable by up to five years’ jail.

Wildlife conservationists have asked the authorities to ban snares and to prosecute those who use them.


Health News: Prevention Of Asthma Attacks

Nigerians have been encouraged to take pro-active measures to prevent attacks of Asthma in people who are susceptible.

Dr Efunbo Dosekun, a Consultant Pediatrician, gave this advice on Channels Television’s health programme, Health Matters, while admitting that pollution from generator and car fumes could serve as a trigger for attacks.

She described Asthma as a chronic inflammatory condition of the airways and gave practical methods for prevention.

15 million Nigerians suffer from chest-related diseases

No fewer than fifteen million Nigerians are currently suffering from asthma, tuberculosis and other chest related diseases.

The national president of Nigerian Thoracic Society; Professor Greg Erhosa announced this while briefing newsmen at an annual national conference of the society in Ilorin.

He attributed the high number of Nigerians suffering from asthma and other chest diseases to lack of preventive measures adding that the chronic disease has claimed lives of several eminent Nigerians and the downtrodden.

The need for the establishment of thoracic health centres in each of the six geopolitical zones in the country he believed would address the challenges while also urging the three tiers of governments to set aside funds for the prevention and care of the chest related disease