Alleged Extra-judicial Killings: Amnesty Says Military Is Culpable

amnestyRights Group, Amnesty International claims to have verified a video which appears to show Nigerian soldiers killing Boko Haram suspects and dumping their bodies in a mass grave.

Amnesty alleges that the footage includes images of suspects being pulled off the back of trucks and beaten by soldiers and allied civilian militias.

Amnesty said the extrajudicial killings occurred shortly after Boko Haram’s attack on a detention centre in Giwa Barracks, in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, on March 14.

Amnesty International’s Secretary General, Salil Shetty, claims that the footage is a further proof of the appalling crimes being committed with reckless abandon by all sides in the conflict .

“Numerous testimonies we have gathered suggests that extrajudicial executions are, in fact, regularly carried out by the Nigerian military,” she added.

Rights Groups argue that such acts by the military are not only wrong but counter-productive, as they fuel much of the anger that has helped drive insurgency over the past five years.


Mali Junta accepts interim leader’s extension – Chief Negotiator

The chief negotiator for the West African regional bloc says the junta in Mali has accepted that the current interim president will stay in office until new elections can be held.

A group of middle ranking soldiers toppled Mali’s democratically elected president on March 21. Since then West African leaders have been pressuring the junta to exit the political scene and return to their barracks.

Djibrill Bassole, the foreign minister of Burkina Faso, told reporters late Saturday that the junta and ECOWAS were in full agreement on the matter.

The junta in Mali had been resisting the extended presidency of Dioncounda Traore who took over as interim president on April 12 for an initial period of 40 days.

Bassole did not say how long the transition would last.