Mystery Shrouds Death Of Teenage Factory Worker

The death of a 17 year old girl, Jennifer Onyeche, who died on the July 24th 2013 while working at a Juice manufacturing company in Ketu area of Lagos, has raised several questions, including the actual cause of her death.

The secondary school leaver, Jennifer, was reported to have died of electrocution but a doctor’s report states that the cause of death is asphyxiation.

Asphyxiation is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygento the bodythat arises from being unable to breathenormally.

Jennifer’s mother, Dorcas Onyeche, said four of her daughter’s co-workers visited her at 11pm to announce that she (Jennifer) got electrocuted and is dead.

Her father, Friday Onyeche, told Channels Television that he had been refused the right to see his late daughter’s corpse many days after her death.

However, there seems to be a conspiracy of silence as the police did not let the girl’s parents to see the autopsy report, but scribbled the cause of death on a piece of paper.

Dr. Femi Adewale of Fineday Hospital, Ketu confirmed that Jennifer was rushed to his hospital but was dead on arrival.

He explained that asphyxia and electrocution are two causes of death that have nothing in common.

An administrative staff of the company where Jennifer worked, a fruit juice manufacturing company located a No.9 Adisa Akintoye street, Ketu, divulged no information about the incident.

The state Criminal Investigation Department is currently handling the case.

Kuramo ocean surge:Be prepared for more surge – Gov.Fashola

The governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Fashola has warned residents in the state to be prepared for more ocean surge in what he described as the typhoon season which is raging across cities bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

The governor gave the warning on Saturday while inspecting the devastated Kuramo Beach in Victoria Island, which was destroyed by an over-night ocean surge, killing 16 people.

Mr Fashola described the ocean surge as part of a global environment challenge which the state government will continue to address with innovative and courageous solutions.

Noting that earlier in the day, Hurricane Isaac hit Haiti and some states United States, the governor stated “it is the same Atlantic ocean that is serving Haiti and most of the States and countries of the West African sub-region and Southern Africa to the left of your global map.”

“To your right is the Indian Ocean and right at the bottom around Cape Town is where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic meet. That is the Cape of Good Hope. So, people must understand this that if it is happening in those places, you must expect that there would be consequences down the line. America is going into hurricane season and we are bounded by the same Atlantic.”

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