Sanusi’s Suspension: We Are Losing Objectivity In Looking At Issues – Ojomu

A Former Acting Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bode Ojomu, has bemoaned the increasing trend of partisanship in the way issues are addressed in Nigeria, saying that people are losing objectivity in their reactions to issues.

Mr Ojomu said that people were supposed to be nationalistic in looking at issues.

“Issues that we are supposed to be nationalistic about, we are too partisan and political about and we have lost our objectivity to look at things the way they appear. It is a public problem in Nigeria,” he said on Wednesday, while giving his opinion on the suspension of the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi.

On Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Ojomu pointed out that Sanusi was aware that he was being investigated and wanted to gain political millage by “dragging other persons to go down with him”.

Judging By Sentiment

“Sanusi is trying to put to practice, the ‘Samsonic school of thought.’ Just like Samson in the Holy Bible, having lost everything, his eyes had been gushed out and he looked at the last strength he had and said; ‘let me pull everybody that wants to see my end down there’.

“He has showed holier than thou attitude. If you ask the lots to come and cast the first stone, I doubt if he can cast the first stone,” he said, insisting that the claim by Sanusi that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation had failed to remit $20 billion to the Federation Account, was playing the blame game.

He stated that the suspended governor of the CBN, at one point in time, had acted like he was above the authority that had put him in office, insisting that the National Assembly cannot oversight him.

“What has distinguished the current holder of the CBN governor from any other officer, as a public servant that the government has hired or put in position of authority?

“The purpose of the CBN Act is not to make the CBN governor a law unto himself.

He justified the President Goodluck Jonathan’s actions, saying that the president had cleared the issue at a media chat held on Monday.

“If the president feels that the officer he has put in position is engaged in what is called misconduct, he can place him on suspension.

“People do not want to see the difference between removal and suspension in Sanusi’s case.

“If you are being investigated, within the purview of the rules of civil service, you cannot sit in the office while you are being investigated.

Lamido Sanusi has insisted on challenging his suspension in court

The member of the ruling party also said that the president’s statesmanship had been drawn too far “with all the noise made about the sacked Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah and the CBN governor”.

He insisted that the CBN governor had tried to enter into self-controversy with a government he was part of.

“Sanusi, as a CBN governor, has tried to throw stones when he lives in a glass house and you think that is decorum?

People have tried to link the suspension to the allegation against the NNPC since it came after it.

But Mr Ojomu said: “I do not see any problem with the timing. If someone has been accused of misconduct, nothing stops you from removing him from office before the end of his tenure.

“People are judging by sentiment but we can put the issue on each side and the public can make their decision. You cannot tell your presiding officer that he cannot check you.

“I have not seen any governor of the CBN that will go to his own state and make a 100 million donation,” he said, supporting the presidency’s allegation of financial recklessness.

Insecurity In The North-east

The insurgency in the north eastern part of Nigeria has become an issue of grave concern and Mr Ojomu described it as unfortunate, but said that “it will be unfair for people to say that the Nigerian Armed Forces that have intervened in other countries and have delivered and restored peace are not able to do that here.

In his opinion the comment of the Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, that the insurgent group was better motivated than the Nigerian military was a disservice to Nigeria.

“Their best may not have given all the deliverables we expect but it is disservice to our nation for anyone to feel that nothing is being done.

“The real political will may not have been put in place by the people who govern that place.

“It is unfortunate that it is happening but to want to put whatever that has happened on the table of the president, is not a good idea,” he said.

He pointed out that as the Chief Security Officer of a state, the governor, even if he observed that the Boko Haram was better motivated, cannot be the ‘chief propagandist’ of the enemy that the state was fighting.

“If you must speak to the public, the statement should have come in a different way, like someone that is in charge and not a victim.

“If people say it is a frank statement, then it suggests that the person put in charge of the state has not done his part to ensure peace in the state.

He pointed out that if things had not gotten to the point that Nigerians desired that does not mean that nothing had been done.

Missing Money: NNPC/CBN Should Not Have Gone Public – Ojomu

The Former Acting National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Bode Ojomu, on Wednesday blamed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria for not resolving their differences privately.

Mr Bode Ojomu stressed that the NNPC and CBN’s ‘tantrum’  would cause the public to lose their trust in government.

Commenting on the controversial letter by the CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, to the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, alleging that $49.8 billion was unremitted to the Federation Account funds, on Sunrise Daily, Mr Ojomu said the two agencies had not been able to live up to their responsibilities as managers of the various institutions of government.

“People have not been able to live up to their responsibilities as managers of the various institutions of government which we suppose to strengthen for basic deliveries for the essence for which government was established in the first place,” he said.

Mr Ojomu insisted that issues which could be resolved internally should be kept away from public domain for the sake of unity and for government to be regarded as responsible by the public.

“There was no need to write a letter which has the capability of entering the public domain.

“There are enough platforms which are called internal mechanisms within the framework of government for both NNPC and CBN to have resolved the tantrum,” he said.

He advised that government agencies such as the CBN “must neither stir controversy nor be in controversy.” He added that the Sanusi Lamido era of the CBN had been embroiled in too much controversy.