Tinubu Advises Nigerian Government To Harmonise Monetary, Fiscal Policy

Bola Tinubu, Monetary Policy, Fiscal PolicyA former Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu, is proposing a harmonisation of Nigeria’s monetary and fiscal policy.

The recommendation is in line with efforts to restructure the nation’s economy for the benefit of Nigerians, he said.

Mr Tinubu, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), made the suggestion on Wednesday at a lecture on strategic leadership at the National Defence College (NDC) in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

He called for the realignment of trade policy with a meaningful industrial base supported by a more potent agricultural sector.

The former governor of Lagos State advised the Federal Government not to allow cheap imports to impede the development of industries and sectors strategic to Nigeria’s enduring economic future.

“Strategic objectives during this period of economic uncertainty must be to re-engineer the economy bottom up, diversify the economic base, strengthen our industrial base, modernise infrastructure, enhance agriculture and provide employment,” he said.

Lessons From Boko Haram Crisis

Lecturing the participants of Course 25 of the NDC, the APC leader also outlined the lessons learnt from the fight against insurgency and the threat posed by widespread poverty.

“We have learnt cardinal lessons from the Boko Haram crisis. First, we must govern justly and for the benefit of the people to prevent the recurrence of violent extremism in the future.

“Widespread poverty caused by an unjust allocation of income, wealth and resources provides fertile ground for extremist ideologies that run contrary to the inclusive democracy we seek to perfect.

“Protracted years of gross mis-governance are a down payment on the rise of extremism,” Tinubu pointed out.

The Commandant of the college, Rear Admiral Samuel Alade, on his part, asked African leaders to imbibe the ideals of strategic leadership.

The lecture series, which were part of the requirements for NDC participants, were aimed at producing leaders who would proffer solutions to the problems of their countries.

North-east Insurgency: Kano Enrols Affected Children In Special Schools

special education programmeAbout 100 children from Borno State, whose parents were either killed or displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in the north-east have been enrolled into the Kano State Special Education Programme.

Under the programme, Kano State will take care of their education from primary to tertiary level.

During a special guidance and counselling held for the children at the state government house, Governor Rabiu Kwankwanso urged wealthy individuals in the state to help cater for the needs of the kids.

For over eight years, the Boko Haram terrorists have killed thousands of people in the north-east region of Africa’s most populous nation and some other states in northern Nigeria. The attacks have left thousands of children displaced and their parents are no where to be found.

Authorities do not even know their names, hence, one of them was named after the Kano State governor, Musa Kwankwanso.

According to governor Kwankwanso, the children are the responsibility of any responsible democratic government.

It is expected that the Kano government under the Special Education Programme, will feed, cloth and shelter the kids. It will also cater for their health care needs.

However, if the parents or kinsmen of the children are found and fit to take full responsibility of their children, they would be allowed to leave. But the governor stressed that the decision would be that of the child to make.

Meanwhile, Governor Kwankwanso said the government would soon resume the search for other children whose parents were either killed or displaced, to add to the school which was not named for security reasons.

The EU had earlier on Friday announced a grant of $325 million, to support children who have been affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno State.

Terrorism, Arms Control Top Nigeria’s Presentation At UN Assembly

Abba Moro.The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, says Nigeria will be making a robust presentation at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on the issue of terrorism and control of small arms and light weapons.

Mr Moro spoke in Abuja on Tuesday while addressing reporters in after attending the final inter-ministerial meeting in preparation for the general assembly.

He said that the issue of terrorism had become global phenomenon that required global commitment to tackling it.

“Terrorism, which specifically deals with the internal security of Nigeria today, is a global affair and a more global attitude has been developed and Nigeria is part of that global development.

“Right now, like I said, the Federal Government set up a presidential committee on the control of small arms and light weapons and the report of that certainly is incorporated here.

“The whole fight against terrorism, which occupies a very significant side event in the UNGA will be attended by Nigeria and Nigeria with first hand experience of what is happening now will make a robust presentation on the need for global community to intervene urgently, not just in Nigeria but wherever terrorism and insurgency is rearing its head,” Mr Moro said.

He also told reporters that the government was not shying away from naming the sponsors and importers on the weapons into the country.