Ondo Election: PDP Passes Vote Of No Confidence On INEC

Ondo Election: PDP Passes Vote Of No Confidence On INECBarely 24 hours to the Saturday, November 26 governorship elections in Ondo state, the Ahmed Makarfi-led caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says it has no confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conducting free and fair elections in the state.

Spokesperson to the party, Mr Dayo Adeyeye, told journalists in Abuja that the party lost its confidence in the electoral body after it substituted the name of Mr Eyitayo Jegede before it was reinstated by the Appeal Court on Wednesday.

He insisted that the electoral body had no reason not to postpone the elections to another date so as to compensate their candidate for the time lost in his campaign while the court cases lasted.

“As far as am concerned, under this circumstances, INEC is no longer independent. Its name should now be called partial national electoral commission – PNEC.

“It’s no longer independent because it seems to me that there is a cabal dictating to them everything they want to do.

“The national commissioners that are deployed to Ondo state, we have no confidence in them. They are the same people sent to Edo state to rig the elections. They rigged the elections in Edo state. So we don’t have confidence in them going to Ondo state.

“The other issue is the Ondo elections. We called on INEC severally to postpone the elections because they are part of the problem that we are facing. If they had not substituted Jegede’s name illegally, we would not have had this problem.

“I say they substituted the name illegally because they monitored the primary, the name was submitted, you accepted it and you published the name as the candidate of PDP. Then suddenly the court order came and you have two court orders. You choose the one you obey.

“And you know INEC has a panel of legal advisers who work for them; legal consultants made up of SANs. They normally refer these matters to them and they give them advice. And to the best of my knowledge, that panel gave them advice to retain Jegede’s name.”

Jegede Demands Postponement 

Ondo state governorship candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Eyitayo Jegede, on Thursday called for a postponement of the election.

Mr Jegede said that he had been left with no chance of campaigning as the campaigns ended at midnight on Thursday and it was time for INEC to prove that it was indeed interested in giving all candidates equal opportunity.

Alongside the leadership of the party in Ondo state, Mr Eyitayo Jegede, on Friday stormed the INEC office to press home his demand but INEC said that it would go ahead as planned.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr Segun Agbaje, insisted: “We have passed that stage. No postponement. We are going ahead on Saturday.”

The PDP man expressed disappointment: “We are asking you to give us the same opportunity and now you say it is expensive. We say give us a level playing ground, you say it is expensive.”

Speaking later on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Mr Jegede argued that by the Electoral Act, INEC ought to display the names of candidates for 30 days.

Therefore, with his name “unlawfully removed” on October 27 and later reinstated to be displayed for only two days, it would be unfair to proceed with the election which saw other candidates’ names duly displayed for 30 days.

Ondo AD Warns Against Manipulation Of Governorship Election Result

Ondo AD Warns Against Manipulation Of Governorship Election ResultThe Alliance for Democracy (AD) has warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agencies against manipulating the results of the Ondo governorship election in favour of any party, especially the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

AD’s warning comes less than 24 hours into the election which would see the people of Ondo State go to the polls to elect their governor for the next four years.

According to the statement issued in Akure, the Ondo State capital, the Director General of Olusola Oke Campaign Organization, Bola Ilori, said any attempt to manipulate the result of the election will be resisted by the good people of Ondo State.

He added that the people of the state should be allowed to choose who rules them.

The statement reads: “While we as a party are prepared for the election, we will support anything that will aid the peaceful conduct of election.

“However, we will not fold our ‎arms and allow our destinies to be determined by people who are not only political invaders but people who have subjected our people to untold hardship.

“Also, the security agencies should make sure they don’t take side. They should deal with anybody who forments trouble. Just like we have told our people, they should not allow anybody to dictate what they will do to them but make sure they keep vigil and defend their votes.

“We are also aware of plans to cause trouble in Akoko Land, Ondo South senatorial district and other areas considered to be strongholds of AD.

“If President Muhammadu Buhari cannot deliver the dividends of democracy he promised the people, he should not cause chaos in the state. He should warn INEC and security agencies against enacting a replica of 1983 political crisis in the state.”

APC Ondo Crisis: State Politicians Speak Against Imposition Of Leaders

A member of the Ondo chapter of the All Progressives Congress’ registration committee, Bola Ilori, on Saturday told Channels Television that the imposition of committee members was the root of the crisis rocking the state.

Speaking on Sunrise, he said that the trouble was being caused by external bodies who do not understand the internal workings of the state politics. “People that do not understand the history of the state, by the time they are at the driving seat of events, you will always have trouble. “

“This is a new party coming together, let the legacy parties be at the driving seat of events.”

A member of APC, Chairman of the Defunt CPC (Ondo state chapter), Olalekan Obolo, who was speaking on the duplication of positions, said the crisis is not about either one of the Chairmen but about the “propriety of the event that took place on the day when the inauguration of the state harmonization committee was going to be carried out.”

“It is clear by international standards that anyone who wants to lead a people must first of all seek the acquiescence of the majority

“We had a committee of 31 members and on the day of inauguration, 19 of us decided to stay away because we had issues with the composition of the committee and the process that led to its emergence.”

According to both Ilori and Obolo, the issues rocking the chapter are because members of the defunct CPC and ANPP are not well represented in the committee.

Asides from the statutory members including governorship candidates, chairmen and secretaries of the defunct parties, a total number of 9 persons are expected to be nominated into the committee.

The politicians stated that each part should have been given 3 slots each of the 9 slots available however, CPC and ANPP ended up with one each. The representatives were also handpicked without the knowledge of the members of the other parties.

According to Ilori, “Otunba Adebayo came up with a unilateral list without recourse to the defunct party secretariat.”

Responding to their arguments, the Interim Publicity Secretary of APC in Ondo state, Rotimi Fashakin said “the issue of merger is not for state chapters of the legacy party to decide. It was for the national body to decide.”

Although the other two guests questioned Fashakin’s involvement in the whole process, the Publicity secretary defended his position, saying that “the fact on ground is … I was the national publicity secretary of CPC… by the guidelines of APC, I am a statutory member of the harmonization committee.”

Mr Ilori further argued that an agreement had been reached at a party meeting which held in Lagos but was later disobeyed. “It was agreed that the three former chairmen of the legacy parties should be joined by 3 members from the senatorial districts to lead the party in the state and oversee the mobilization exercise.

He however blamed individuals who are not familiar with the local terrain of interrupting local politics.



How To Address Wasting of 1.3billion Tonnes Of Food

According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the world is reported to waste about 1.3billion tonnes of food annually.

With the recently marked World’s Environment Day, which had the theme; ‘Think, Eat, Save’ an anti-food waste campaign geared to make everyone reduce their food print, this edition of Sunrise focuses on how addressing food wastage can help preserve our environment in Nigeria.

According to John Osonwa, a climate change expert, “the 1.3billion tonnes of food wasted are more than the entire food produced by the entire sub-Sahara region and it is enough to feed the 1billion people in the world, who go to bed hungry every day.” This waste, he warns, is highly devastating to the environment.

Speaking on Channels TV weekend breakfast programme; Sunrise, the climate change expert noted that the bulk of food wasted in Nigeria “is not in the consumption aspect, but in the production aspect.”

Mr Osonwa is joined by Bola Ilori, Special adviser to the Governor, State of Osun on Environment and Anthony Akpan, an environmentalist and President, African Mission for Environment. They all called for attitudinal change such as government policy on food storage and efficient transportation to address post-harvest loses.

They also called for green initiatives such as construction of trees and waste management.