Boston Hospital Refuses Heart Transplant To Unvaccinated Patient

PHOTO USED TO ILLUSTRATE STORY: People wait in long lines in to get tested for Covid-19 in New York City. PHOTO: SPENCER PLATT/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA.


A hospital in Boston refused to perform a heart transplant on a patient who had not been vaccinated for COVID-19, US television media reported Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for Brigham and Women’s Hospital confirmed in a statement to AFP that vaccination against the coronavirus is “required” for organ transplant recipients there.

The patient’s father, David Ferguson, appeared on news channels CNN and ABC to share the family’s story, saying his 31-year-old son has been to the “edge of death” and “pushed to the limit” waiting for a heart transplant.

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The patient, who had been in line for the transplant at the Boston hospital, has refused to receive a Covid vaccine.

“It’s kind of against his basic principles, he doesn’t believe in it,” Ferguson told ABC.

“It’s a policy they are enforcing and so because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list of a heart transplant,” his father said.

The hospital “requires several CDC-recommended vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine,” Brigham and Women’s said in the statement.

The hospital also requires “lifestyle behaviors for transplant candidates to create both the best chance for a successful operation and to optimise the patient’s survival after transplantation, given that their immune system is drastically suppressed,” the statement read.

Arthur Caplan, a medical ethicist at New York University, told CBS: “Post any transplant your immune system is cut off. Covid could kill you.”

“The organs are scarce and they are not going to distribute them to someone who has a poor chance of living when others who are vaccinated have a better chance post-surgery of surviving,” Caplan said.

That is why “patients are not active on the waitlist without” the vaccine, said the hospital, where Ferguson’s son is still being treated.

The father said he respected his son’s choice and planned to get him transferred to another hospital.

“But we are running out of time,” Ferguson said of his son’s condition.

The United States, where only 62 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated — due partly to deep political divisions over the shots — has counted nearly 60 million Covid infections and 872,000 deaths.

Thousands March In Boston To Protest Hate Speech

Thousands of people in Boston protested a “Free Speech” rally featuring right-wing speakers on Saturday (August 19), with hundreds of police mobilized to prevent a recurrence of the violence that left a woman dead at a Virginia white-supremacist protest last week.

In historic Boston Common park alone, hundreds of protesters who believe the event could become a platform for racist propaganda dwarfed the few dozen rally participants.

The number of protesters was poised to swell exponentially as a march with thousands of more people bore down on the park.
Organizers of Saturday’s rally in Boston have denounced the white supremacist message and violence of Charlottesville and said their event would be peaceful.

Law Weekly Features Highlights Of International Bar Conference

This edition of Law Weekly examines a global perspective on combating terrorism while focusing on what the African Continent and Nigeria needs to get right to continue attracting foreign investment and patronage.

The programme also featured the International Bar Conference (IBA 2013) which held in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America.

The IBA is the largest yearly gathering of lawyers from all over the world and it is regarded as the global voice of the legal profession. The 2013 edition attracted 6000 international delegates from 120 countries.

On this episode of the program, we featured highlights of the conference as well as highlights from the African Regional Conference when the IBA came to Lagos.

Former United States Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, delivered the keynote address at the opening ceremony of the conference. While Governor Babatunde Fashola, of Lagos State, was one of the speakers at the conference.

National Dialogue: Abubakar Insists On One Nigeria

A former Nigerian Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, has described the opinion of some Nigerians that have called for the disintegration of the country as ‘wishful thinking’.

Some Nigerians, in their opinion on the proposed National Dialogue, have suggested disintegration along religious and ethnic lines.

General Abubakar stressed that despite the series of ethno-religious crises across the country, ‘Nigeria will still remain one united country,’ expressing his support for the proposed conference.

He was in Kaduna as a guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the ‘International Conference of Forum for Cities in Transition’ held on Monday at the Murtala Mohammed Square.

In a speech delivered at the event, General Abubakar said that the diversity of the nation ought to have been its strength, but lamented that this unique blessing had become  a source of disunity.

He advised Nigerians to go back to the old times when tribe and religion were the instruments of unity and peaceful co-existence, describing peace as absolutely necessary for any meaningful development in the world.

Also at the event, the Kaduna State Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, said that there was no alternative to dialogue if the nation would march forward and sustain the present peaceful coexistence being enjoyed by its citizens.

He blamed selfish people for the problems in Kaduna State.

“Kaduna is no doubt one of the most complex and diverse states in Nigeria with a plethora of ethnic and linguistic groups, sharing a broad spectrum of religious affiliation and tendencies. Over the years, Kaduna and some states in the north have witnessed several ethno-religious crises, which has polarized the region along religious and ethnic lines,” he observed while delivering a speech.

‘Healing divisions’

He pointed out that the Kaduna State government in collaboration with Forum Cities in Transition, based in Boston, United States organised the peace conference to tackle ethno-religious crises, which he described as ‘man-made’.

The conference, which will last for four days, will ensure comprehensive sharing of ideas and experiences such that those cities in crisis will learn from it.

The director of Forum of Cities in Transition based in Boston, Professor Padraig O’Malley, explained that the Forum was formed to create a platform for reconciliation between communities that have suffered from conflict and are divided along ethnic and religious lines and create dynamics that serve as catalyst for change.

“It is expected that at the end of the conference, Kaduna and other participating cities will contribute to healing the divisions among Muslims and Christians that have enmeshed Nigeria in religious conflicts for years,” Professor O’Malley stated in optimism.


Boston Bombing Suspect Moved From Hospital To Prison

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been moved to a prison at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, from the hospital where he had been held since his arrest by police a week ago, the U.S. Marshals Service said on Friday.

The 19-year-old ethnic Chechen, who was badly wounded in an overnight shootout last week with police hours after authorities release pictures of him and his older brother, also a suspect, had previously been held at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where some of the victims were also being treated.

His older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, died in that shootout.

Tsarnaev on Monday was charged with the April 15 bombing, which killed three and wounded 264 at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

“The U.S. Marshals Service confirms that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been transported from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is now confined at the Bureau of Prisons facility FMC Devens at Ft. Devens, Mass.,” said U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Drew Wade.

Boston Marathon Explosions Kill 2, Scores injured

[highlight]About 22 people were left wounded while 2 people were killed after two large explosions went off towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday.[/highlight]

Panic instantly rented the atmosphere everyone started making ways to rescue the injured while rescue operations went to work immediately.

Witnesses said the streets were littered with debris and blood and described paramedics racing off with stretchers. TV footage showed an explosion sending up a white plume of smoke along the side lines of the race.

According CNN report on the blasts, at least six people were wounded.

According to witnesses, the first explosion took place near a sports store and the second went off near a viewing stand.

It was not immediately clear whether the explosions were accidental.

Zara Bielkus, a 30-year-old spectator from Boston, said she heard two explosions seconds apart. Police then locked down the area.

The Boston Marathon is one of the biggest annual athletic events held in the United States, with nearly 27,000 racers who must qualify to compete and tens of thousands of spectators.

Bus crashes into Boston, injuring 34 people

A bus carrying 42 passengers traveling from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Pennsylvania crashed into a Boston overpass on Saturday night, injuring 34 people, according to emergency officials.

The crash happened about 7:30 p.m. EST on Soldiers Field Road in Boston, according to Boston Emergency Medical Services spokeswoman Jennifer Mehigan.

Medical workers transported 34 people to four area hospitals – 30 with minor injuries, three serious, and one life-threatening, Mehigan said. Some people had to be removed through the bus roof, strapped onto backboards, according to the Boston Fire Department’s Twitter feed.

Mehigan said the injured included teenagers and adults.

“A number of patients were trapped at some point during the incident,” Mehigan said. All the victims had been removed from the bus by about 9:30 p.m. She said the fire department had to remove part of the roof of the private Calvary Coach charter bus to perform the rescues.