Electronic Meter To Be Installed Within 45 Days Of Payment – NERC

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has kicked off the new metering scheme with an order mandating the electricity distribution companies to commence implementation of the Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation (CAPMI).

NERC’s chairman, Dr Sam Amadi, while reeling out details of CAPMI told journalists in Abuja on Wednesday that the metering system provides a platform for customers that have paid for their meter to have it installed within 45 days.

The issuance of the electronic meter has been delayed for months and even years and a number of Nigerians have persistently demanded for the advance payment meter which eradicates the use of bills, as CAPMI is based on the pay-as-you-use format.

He further revealed that the commission has also signed an order mandating the distribution companies to supply meters paid for by customers dating back to January 2011.

CAPMI came about due to the slow pace of customer metering by the distribution companies as well as the high level of complaints from customers over the current estimated billing practices.

Dr. Amadi further gave the assurance that once privatisation of the power sector kicks in, meter challenges and estimated billings will be a thing of the past.