Aviation experts commend FG for restoring Dana Air’s operational licence

Captain Benson Ikponwosa commended the federal government for admitting that it suspended the license of Dana Airline in error.

The aviation expert said Nigerians have turned into “square pegs placing themselves into other peole’s round holes”.

Ikponwosa arhued that air crashes have occurred in other parts of the world and governments are not quick to take harsh decisions against the operators of the crashed air plane.

He said “You cant punish someone unless you find that person culpable of some infractions”.

Another expert on  aviation matters, Ikechi Uko, also agreed with Ikponwosa claiming that the error has a long history.

He said the government had made similar errors in the past when it  suspended the operational licence of Sosoliso ad Bellview Airlines after their aircrafts had crashed.

He said statistics show that air travel is the safest form of transportation in Nigeria.

Mr Uko compared figures from Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on how many people die in road accidents in four years to the number of people that have died in plane crashes to back his claim.