People With Disability And The Pending Bill

In some other climes, thoroughfares are specially built for them infact most infrastructure have a special design for this group of people but in Nigeria, it seems not much is being done to accomodate them in the society.

The bill to integrate Persons With Disability (PWDs) is currently under debate at the National Assembly. But the major issue is whether the bill will have a dedicated commission for its enforcement.

On this episode of Law Weekly, our judiciary correspondent, Shola Soyele looks at the plight of persons living with disability and the efforts by the National Assembly to pass a legislation to stop the discrimination against them.

Dana Air was not indicted for any wrongdoing – Aviation Minister

Re-visiting the Dana Air re-instatement by the authorities, Nigerians reacted sharply towards the move as Nigerians expressed shock and surprise in a vox-pop done by the ‘Station of the Decade’ to sample the opinion of Nigerians about the re-instatement of the Dana Air.

The Minister of Aviation; Stella Oduah was our guest on Sunrise daily this morning as she reacted to the lifting of the ban saying the ban was something that was not supposed to be done in the first place as it not an aviation practice as it has laws and procedures guiding the sector internationally.

She said further that the panel that was set for the technical and administrative audit for Dana Air and other airlines have completed their reports and Dana Air was not indicted for any wrongdoing.

Lawyer expresses reservations on planned introduction of E-voting in Nigeria

An Abuja based legal practitioner, Ismaeel Ahmed on Friday expressed his reservation over the planned introduction of the electronic voting system by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Mr  Ahmed, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said though the E-voting system is a good idea, it will be hard to implement it in a place like Nigeria where most people cannot “differentiate between a television screen and a computer monitor.”

Speaking on the ability of the E-voting system in reducing electoral fraud, the lawyer said “computers do not operate themselves,” but obey commands from human operators who without sincerity can choose to manipulate the system for selfish purposes.

Watch the video below for other reservations Mr Ahmed expressed over the E-voting system.

Essence of contract is to ensure Ministers are ‘Up and doing’- Elvis Agukwe

Still on the performance agreement contract which the President Goodluck Jonathan signed with the ministers, Elvis Agukwe a public affairs analyst.
and a former commissioner in Imo state in reaction said the essence of the performance agreement contract by the President is to ensure that his ministers are actually working.