Releasing Looters List Will Not Stop Corruption – Clarke


A legal practitioner, Mr Robert Clarke, on Tuesday said the Federal Government’s will not put an end to looting in Nigeria by simply releasing the list of alleged looters.

Clarke, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Breakfast Programme, Sunrise Daily, said there is the need for a corruption-free system for the Federal Government to successfully prosecute looters.

“The content of the publication, there is nothing definitely wrong. The more people are shown to be looters, the better but that does not stop looting. It will continue until the system is changed.

“No matter how you try corrupt officials, no matter how you try public officers, no matter how you try politicians, if the system is basically corrupt, it is wasted,” he said.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said the released list of alleged looters released by the Federal Government shows its commitment to flushing the nation of sharp practices. According to him, Nigerians have the right to know those who are allegedly looting the nation’s resources.

“Nigerians must be aware of the so-called looters, if there are looters. If anybody feels that his name has been put there without any justification, then the world will be able to listen to him,” he added.

Clark, however, frowned at Nigerian leaders. He claimed that Nigerians have not benefited good governance since the country became independent.

“Let me be frank, enough is enough in Nigeria. We have never had the benefit of any good government since 1960. The system that we have been carrying on with since 1999 allows for looting,” he said.

Clark said Nigerians deserves good governance and the publication of a looters’ list is not what Nigeria needs, the most, at the moment.

He commended the Federal Government for releasing the list but also believes the list is rather selective by focusing on members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) only.

Lukaku must earn playing time -West Brom Manager

Steve Clarke the manager of West Brom has told Romelu Lukaku who is the new signing of the club from new European champions Chelsea that he should show his worth as he will not be given automatic shirt in the first team, meaning he will have to earn it.

The youngster before now has always blamed Chelsea for his lacklustre performance saying he never got playing chances. He concluded saying that his year at Stamford Bridge was a waste of time.

This information really does not impress Steve Clarke as Lukaku thought a sob-story would earn him a soft spot but it made his situation worse.

Clarke says he won’t take any crap from Lukaku even though he understands the forward’s desire to play, he’s only going to get opportunities by earning them and to do that he’ll have to shut up and work hard.

Accroding to Clarke “Whether he has grievances with Chelsea is not for me to comment on. I don’t know what happened last year at Chelsea. It was obviously going to be difficult for him to get in the team ahead of Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres and that proved to be the case.

“But he’s got a clean slate this year. He’s one of a number of strikers competing for a place in my team and I’m hoping that at the end of this year he’s not complaining about anything.”

Although Lukaku won’t face as much competition as he did at Chelsea behind the likes of Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres, West Brom also have a number of forwards that he has to fight his way ahead of, including Peter Odemwingie, Shane Long, Marc-Antoine Fortune and Markus Rosenburg.

He’s a player that needs to work on a few things, including his terrible first touch, and he’s in good hands with Steve Clarke. Although I’m annoyed by what he’s said, I’ll be willing to forgive his rudeness if he shows us what he’s capable of whilst on loan at the Hawthorns.