Checking Online Payment Fraud In Nigeria

global-internetPerceived high-level fraud within the online community, network issue and lack of education have continued to pose huge challenges to online payment in Nigeria.

Education of the public on how to use card payment system and security of the online system are some of the solution that could be adopted to tackle the challenge, the Co-founder of Vogue Pay, Michael Simeoni, said.

He expressed confidence in online transactions which he said were more secured.

Mr Simeoni and Mr Quam Ojikutu, Co-founder of Vogue Pay, discussed how online fraud could be tackled to ensure safer transactions.

Mr Ojikutu said that the creation of an eco-system that allowed a shared database, the effective implementation of the Bank Verification Number and the social security number system that would link everyone to a specific information would go a long way in tackling the challenge.