Lagos To Observe Horn Free Day

Horn Free DayThe Lagos State Government has concluded plans to set a date aside to be observed as a Horn Free Day every year.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, made this known in his Alausa office on Friday.

The Commissioner said that the observance of the Horn Free Day is expected to reduce noise pollution from the use of the horn, improve road courtesy, improve lane discipline and draw motorists’ attention to the importance of road discipline and mutual respect for other road users.

He said that Governor Fashola has challenged road users in Lagos State to observe a Horn Free Day, which is designed to complement the on-going efforts by the Lagos State Government in the provision and upgrading of traffic infrastructure across the State.

The activities lined up towards the Horn Free Day, which is slated for Wednesday October 15, 2014, would involve active engagement of radio and television stations in generating discussions challenging road users to observe a Horn Free Day.

It would also include endorsement by relevant stakeholders, as well as ember months campaign by the Vehicle Inspection Service to advocate, educate and enlighten road users on road safety.

The Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) would also be embarking on a community outreach programme which involves market and motor park engagements that will provide an avenue for discussion of the Horn Free Day and the engagement of Traffic Safety Ambassadors to partner with the Ministry of Transportation to support the successful observation of the Horn Free Day.

Opeifa urged all motorists, Lagosians and the general public to support the State Government by observing and adhering to the Horn Free Day exercise.

Lagos Commercial Drivers, Conductors To Wear Uniforms By 2014

The Lagos State Government on Wednesday said plans are in the offing to introduce a new taxi policy that makes it compulsory for the commercial bus drivers, conductors to wear uniforms and badges in the New Year.

The state’s Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, revealed this at a stakeholder’s forum held at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa, Ikeja.

Opeifa said that the move was part of state government’s determination to transform the public transport industry, enhance professionalism, ensure standards and safety of the people.

He said that with the new public transport management system, the state government would re-introduce the routing system in order to ensure even distribution of vehicles and non-hiking of transport fares, especially during peak periods.

According to him, the routing system is in line with Regulation 20 of the Road Traffic Law with stipulates that  no commercial vehicle shall  ply  any route other than that for which it is authorised.

Opeifa said that aside from the routing system, the commuter vehicle operator was expected to register himself, the driver and conductor before getting a commercial vehicle operator license.

The Commissioner, who said that about 200 Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) had been trained to handle the documentation, appealed to commuter vehicle operators and transport unions to go to any of the 21 vehicle inspection service centres in their localities, while the drivers and conductors should go to any of the five Lagos State Drivers Institute (LASDRI) in their division.

Videoed LASTMA Official Is On The Run But We Will Get Him – Fashola

The official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) caught on video camera negotiating a bribe from a motorist is on the run.

Governor Babatunde Fashola made this known at the re-launch and induction of the Special Traffic Mayor Corps in Ikeja where he gave an assurance that the corrupt official, who has been declared wanted, would soon be apprehended and made to face the law.

“That fellow in LASTMA, I am told is on the run, we have declared him wanted and we will get him. Be sure about that, we will get him, and as soon as we do, we will give him all his rights and he will have his day in court.”

Admonishing the elite group of LASTMA officers, Governor Fashola reiterated that the primary purpose for the establishment of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority was to keep Lagos traffic moving. He insisted that the process of arresting any erring motorist should never be made a priority ahead of the primary assignment.

He reminded the officers that if traffic was kept moving, the quality of life of the average citizen would improve as less hours would be spent in traffic and more money saved by the motorists and commuters on the roads.

Mr Fashola also commended the medium through which the LASTMA official was indicted, saying “I want to salute the citizen that got that video for us on his camera, we must name, we must shame and we must use that kind of medium to fish out all the bad eggs in our society, give them a face that the public can see, and bring them to justice.”

Channels Television showed a video footage of the LASTMA official extorting money from a motorist for beating a red light and the video has continued to generate reactions from many Nigerians.

The video was sent to the station by the victim of the extortion via Channels Television’s iWitness Mobile Application which was developed to encourage Citizen Journalism among the public.


Lagos State Vows To Prosecute Indicted LASTMA Official

Lastma Official collecting bribe.The Lagos State government has vowed to prosecute a traffic official caught on camera soliciting for gratification from a motorist in the State.

In a statement on Friday, by the Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, the government said it would take appropriate action against the officer.

“The Government expressed regrets that the said officer could embark on such a disgraceful act in spite of the consistent training being given to all government officers and public servants in the State,” the statement read.

It stressed that the government would take measures to bring the officer to justice.

“As we abide strictly by the rule of law, the State government, as done in the past in similar circumstances, will take appropriate action to bring the said officer to justice and will not only pursue the Public Service Procedure but will ensure prosecution”, the statement said.

According to the statement, the junior officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is yet to be found since the news of his alleged crime broke.

Lagos to get bicycle lanes


In a bid to give Nigeria’s most populous city an effective transport system, the state government has announced plans to introduce bicycles lanes on major roads across the city.

Mannie leading this year's participants in Park and Ride

This announcement was made by the Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos, Mr Kayode Opeifa, on Sunday at a cycling event ‘Park and Ride’ which urge Nigerians to park their cars and ride bicycles for an enhanced lifestyle and cleaner environment.

Speaking at the event as the special guest, Mr Opeifa noted that “the bicycle programme is on and pretty soon, you will see some roads in Lagos, marked as bike zones.”

According to the Commissioner, “what is alternative to Okada (motorcycle) is the bicycle.”

This is coming at a time when the state government is still embroiled in controversy with the Okada riders over their restriction to ride on some highways in the city and a recent clampdown on them for defaulting the new Lagos Traffic law.

Discouraging the use of okada on walkable distance, the Commissioner stated that “anybody who wants to take a bike (okada) from their house to the bus stop, should use their bicycles.”

“And when they (commuters in Lagos) get to the bus stop they should tie their bikes to the poles provided at the bus stop and join the BRT buses.” “The poles we are providing at the bus stops are not for decorations but for people to tie their bicycles” he added.

“All over the world, from London to Stockholm to Buenos Aires, people now ride their bikes to work because it saves the environment of the gaseous emissions that is harmful to the environment.”

He also noted that cycling will enhance people’s lifestyle and thereby improve their productive and lifespan which he claims will also have a resultant effect on the nation’s GDP.

Acknowledging that the tropical weather in Lagos will make it uncomfortable for cyclers, the Commissioner noted that “yes, the weather will make people sweat but offices will be urged to provide showers” to ameliorate the discomfort.

This he claimed is done across the world.

Park n Ride is an annual event organized by On Air personality, Mannie of CoolFM Lagos, which urges people to park their cars and ride bicycles in a bid to address climate change and improve people’s lifestyle.