Couple’s Wedding Affected As INEC Postpones Elections

Cople-to-be, Smart and Grace.


Nigerians have continued to express shock and disappointment over the postponement of the general elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Perhaps some of those most affected by the development, are those who had fixed key events on the dates which the elections have been rescheduled to.

One of such persons is a couple in Plateau, Jos, who had fixed their wedding on February 23 with the hopes that the elections would have held successfully on Saturday (February 16).

The couple-to-be, Smart and Grace shared their plight with Channels Television.


They say family members who are not based in Jos, had begun travelling down in preparation for the wedding only to be greeted with the shocking news of the postponement in early hours of Saturday.


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INEC Postpones General Elections To February 23


According to them, following the last-minute decision of the electoral umpire, a lot of their plans have been disrupted and ultimately, the wedding has to be rescheduled.

Business leaders have also said that the economic implication of the postponement could be horrendous. Read Here

Around 2:44 am on Saturday, INEC announced that all elections initially scheduled to hold on February 16 and March 2, were moved by a week.

According to the Commission, the postponement will afford it the opportunity to address identified challenges in order to maintain the quality of the elections.

Couple Get Court Summons For Naming Baby Benito Mussolini


Parents of Benito Mussolini, a 14-month old baby, have been summoned to appear in an Italian court over their son’s controversial name, according to a newspaper report.

Young Benito is named after one of his grandfathers, a common enough practise in Italy.

The problem is that the family name is Mussolini, making the child the namesake of the World War II era fascist dictator, no relation.

The unusual name has now come to the attention of a court in the northern city of Genoa, according to the daily Gazzetta di Parma, among concerns for the child’s welfare in later years.

For Italians the issue recalls the debate generated by the 2015 film “Il nome del figlio” (“An Italian Name), an Italian adaptation of a French film, in which a man wants to call his son Benito.

The issue also has echoes of a court case in Milan brought against parents who called their child “Blu” (Blue), a name which the local prosecutor took exception to.

£1 million lottery scam: Man jailed for 30 months

Farrakh Nizzar a shop worker has been jailed for 2 years and 6 months for trying to defraud a couple of their £1 million lottery ticket.

When the pensioner couple asked Farrakh Nizzar who is 30 years old and an illegal over-stayer in the United Kingdom the state of their ticket and their ticket which is the EuroMillions ticket was not a winning ticket and asked if they wanted the ticket back.

The Holts’ told Nizzar afterwards to thrash the ticket since its worthless but after the couples left, Nizzar took the ticket scanned it at a cousin’s Best One shop in Oldham Greater Manchester where he also works and he was told by the terminal to tell the holders of the ticket to contact Camelot.

Rather than do just that, Nizzar who is now facing deportation back to his home country of Pakistan kept the ticket and later called the lottery company himself in an attempt to keep the prize. But the firm became suspicious when he was unable to answer questions about the winning ticket.

Nizzar came to the UK in 2007 on a student visa and completed a postgraduate diploma in business studies. But his student visa ran out, he was refused leave to remain in the UK and exhausted all his rights to appeal.

Camelot began investigation with the aid of a CCTV, the Tesco Clubcard belonging to Mr.Holt to trace the original owners of the ticket and the Holts’ were united with their £1 million prize.

Nizzar bowed his head and made no reaction as he was jailed at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester after he pleaded guilty last month to one charge of fraud by false representation which was committed on May 31 this year and has since written a letter of apology to Mr and Mrs Holt.


85 year old couple remarry after splitting for over 50 years

Lena Henderson and Roland Davis on Saturday renewed their wedding vows at Buffalo, New York after splitting for close to 50 years.

The couple who are both 85 years old got married as teenagers in 1964 at Chattanooga, Tennessee and later got divorced close to 50 years ago.

After their divorce, they both kept in touch with each other over the years and also had several kids together.

Roland later on got married to another wife who from time to time calls Lena for advice but unfortunately she died early this January.

Roland Davis who is a veterinary doctor said he always thought they might get remarried.

“I always thought it might happen. It was always at the back of my mind” We’re just thankful that we could get back together.

Their youngest daughter, Renita Chadwick said “The way they would act to each other never indicated there was anything but  friendship between them. My mother never had a harsh or contrary word to say about my dad, and my dad never had anything but loving remarks to make about my mother.”

“Every person I share this story with smiles, cries or laughs,”
Roland Davis with so much excitement said “I’m just happy that we’re here,”

“You don’t think people are going to get married at this age,” he added. “”We’re just thankful we’ve lived this long and that we’re still here. We have a lot to be thankful for.”

Lena, who has since the divorce remained single, said “I think we just kept thinking about each other all the time, even though we were so far apart,”