Provision Of Basic Amenities Will Stop Corrupt Practices- Analyst

A legal practitioner and public affairs analyst, Emeka Onohwakpor, on Wednesday said that Nigeria can tackle corruption if “we attack it from the roots and take a lead from other countries by providing the basic necessities of life”.

“Corrupt people gather money for future purpose but if these things are taken from them it leads to more greed. If necessary things like public transport are in place then people won’t need to buy luxuries like cars”, he said on Channels Television’s morning breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

He added that if we really want to fight corruption in Nigeria we have to put things like good roads, electricity, education, water and security in place for the low income and unemployed to at least live on.

He asked that if we have all this things in place, “what else do you need so much money for?”

“We celebrate the politicians that steal our money, meanwhile those that have been seen to be corrupt have not been stigmatised rather reverse is the case, in Nigeria robbers go about without masks because there is no means of tracing them, a system needs to be put in place to check those in power”, he said.

He advised that the government should make a point of duty to follow up on every Nigerian citizen so that any previous crime committed by a person should be recorded to allow for proper background checks for future purposes.

He concluded by saying that if the number of the downtrodden becomes too high, those on top will not be able to enjoy their wealth, people don’t need money to be given to them, they need good amenities and when the destitute are trained they will help to add more value to the society at large.