Save Rivers Movement Did Not Request For Security – Police

The Rivers State Police Command says it did not receive any request from the Save Rivers Movement to provide security at the disrupted rally venue in Khana Local Government Area.

In a telephone interview with Channels Television on Sunday, hours after the rally was disrupted by hoodlums with machetes, the spokesman for the police in the state, Ahmed Kidaya, said that the police only got the information that the rally was disrupted by hoodlums who attacked those present at the rally ground.

“We are not aware that the group was having a rally in Khana. From the report I had from my people there, there are no casualties so far, for now.

“The Rivers State police command did not receive any letter of request for police security from the Save Rivers Movement.

“There were instances before now that they requested for police security and the police provided security as needed to ensure that their rally was hitch free.

“How can somebody accuse the police of disrupting their rally when everybody knows that it is the duty of the police to ensure peace and security in the entire country? He questioned.

Mr Kidaya called on anyone with a any evidence of police’s involvement in disruption of the rally to present it.

“The claim is baseless and misleading. It is a misrepresentation of what happened there and the Police have no hand in their meeting or rally,” he said

The president of the Save Rivers Movement, Mr Charles Ohuru, said that the group had notified the police of the rally before the date it was held.

Rivers State Police Commissioner Says Amaechi Never Liked Him

The Commissioner of Police in River State, Joseph Mbu, has dismissed allegations of high-handedness by the state government, saying that Governor Rotimi Amaechi never liked him.

Mr Mbu’s reaction is coming a day after the police dispersed a crowd gathering for a rally in the state with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The governor of the State, Rotimi Amaechi, also accused Mr Mbu of acting out a script from Abuja.

But Mr Mbu said that the governor’s claim was wrong, explaining that the governor had resentments about him right from the day he was posted to the state.

“Right from the day I was posted to Rivers State, Governor Rotimi Amaechi has never liked me. The first thing he had in mind was to say I was sent here to come and fight him. He wants to pocket every commissioner of police and he cannot pocket me. I have to do my job the way I should do it,” Mr Mbu stressed.

He alleged that the governor had told him that when instructions were given from Abuja, the state government had the right to adjust the instructions to suit Rivers State.

“I told him it was not possible and that I will not take directives from Abuja and then change the policies of the police. The IG has his men on the ground and he has informants and they will know what is happening,” he said.

The police commissioner stated that the first thing he did when he came to Rivers State was to stop the abuse of policemen.

“Each of the civil commissioners in this state was having four anti-terrorist policemen attached to him and that was wrong,” Mr Mbu stated.

He accused the media of being biased in the way they report issues involving the police in Rivers State.