13 People Killed in California Tour Bus Crash

Accident, Palm Springs, Los AngelesOfficial reports say 13 people were killed in southern California, US after a tour bus ran into the back of a lorry.  

The crash which occurred on Interstate 10, near Palm Springs on Sunday, also left 30 people with various degrees of injury. Five of the injured passengers are reportedly in critical condition.

Most of the passengers are believed to be from Latin America and were on their way to Los Angeles.

Officials say they are investigating what may have caused the crash. One of the theories they are working with is whether the truck driver had fallen asleep or had a heart attack before the bus veered into the rear of the lorry.

They are also looking to see if it could have been caused by some sort of mechanical failure.

The lorry involved in the accident damaged extensively and clear-up operations have started at the crash site.

The crash has been called the ‘deadliest’ in California for many decades as officials say identifying victims of the accident could take a couple of days.

How Suntai’s plane crashed – Eyewitness account

The People of Namtari village; a suburb of Yola the capital of Adamawa state, who were the first eye witnesses to arrive the scene of the Plane crash involving the Taraba state governor Danbaba Suntai who has now been flown to Germany for better medical attention from the National hospital Abuja where he was initially receiving care, gave their account of how the crash happened.

Our correspondent who visited the village of Namtari got a firsthand account from eyewitnesses.

The witnesses who initially declined comment on the ground that the incident involved high personalities told Channels Television that four occupants were in the flight and not six as widely reported.

Both Abubakar Bamanga and Umar Hamajoda who spoke to us in Hausa language said the plane was coming normally like any other aircraft, suddenly the sound changed and that was followed by an immediate U-turn giving all signs that the plane was going to crash, as it eventually did in a very familiar farm behind the NNPC depot.

As they heard the sound of the crash, they picked their touch lights as it was already getting dark and they ran to the scene of the crash.

On arrival, one of the occupants was already out of the aircraft and crying for help as he asked them to hasten up the rescue because three others including the Taraba state Governor were still inside the plane for fear of possible fire outbreak.

They however confirm that the governor was the last to be rescued because it took them time to locate his whereabout as he was equally trapped under the now wrecked plane and being held down by the seatbelt.

“The plane was passing and suddenly we heard an unusual sound then we saw it made a u turn and began to crash, and as we got to the scene, I was holding touch light while others were carrying out the rescue. It was a terrible experience. The governor was the last to be rescued” Abubakar Bamanga said.

At the crash site, crops such as beans and Maize plantation of almost 150 metres long were destroyed after the aircraft had crashed on trees within the farm.

The Farmer whose crops were destroyed, Mr. Zirrah Koji who was at the crash site during our visit also prayed for the speedy recovery of the victims while soliciting for assistance towards some compensation.

Efforts to get the version of the airport authority on the rescue carried out or what actually led to the crashed failed as they declined comment.

Similarly, efforts to interview the victims who were said to be receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre Yola proved abortive as we were barred from knowing their conditions.

Hospital source who pleaded anonymity told Channels television that two of the victims were in stable condition while the other is still laying critical at the accident and emergency unit of the clinic as the governor had already been moved to the National Hospital; Abuja may flown out of the country for extended treatment.