Niger State Warns Against Hoarding Of Food Items

Drama In Ado Ekiti Markets As Iyaloja Forcefully Reduces Foodstuff PricesThe Government of Niger State has cautioned against nefarious acts of middlemen who specialise in buying and hoarding food items to cause artificial scarcity.

The Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Jonathan Vatsa, said the government was worried that such act may cause untold hardship for Niger State residents and prevent them from enjoying the bumper harvest recorded in the state in 2016.

Mr Vatsa appealed to farmers and other Nigerlites to be wary of such middlemen and put the interest of the state above any over profiteering ventures like hoarding food items.

The commissioner stated that the call had become imperative because “it is not humanly right that we allow people to suffer while the middlemen rip the farmers of their hard work and hoard foods from the public”.

He, however, thanked the people of the state for their understanding amidst the recession and high cost of food items, assuring them that the government was considering various economic recovery strategies.

Niger State Hosts First Ever Christmas Carol Festival In Minna

Niger State Hosts First Ever Christmas Carol Festival In MinnaThe Niger State Government in partnership with its Ministry of Information, has organized the first ever Christmas carol festival with the theme ‘The Dynamics of Praise and Worship’.

The festival witnessed presentations from different choir groups representing various tribes such as: Nupe, Gbagi, Hausa, Igbo, Tiv, Yoruba, Kamokun and Calabar.

The festival which was its maiden edition also witnessed a large turnout of Christians and surprisingly, Muslims in the state.

Asides signifying oneness amongst the two major religions in the state, top dignitaries were also in attendance and they were full of praise for the Governor, Abubakar Bello, who despite not being a Christian, chose to show concern to the Christian community in the state.

Speaking through his representative, the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Niger State, Nasara Danmallam, said that the Governor was full of praise to the Christian community and appreciated their level of understanding and peaceful coordination amongst the non-Christians in the state.

While promising the sustenance of the festival, he used the opportunity in wishing all Christians in the state and Nigeria in general a peaceful celebration.

The convener of the Christmas carol festival, Commissioner for Information Culture and Tourism, Hon. Jonathan Vatsa could not hide his feelings as he was also full of praise to the Governor.

He also assured the Christian community that the best was yet to come and called on them to come together in unity.

He wished every Christian in the state a happy and peaceful celebration.

Niger Govt. Urges Citizens To Remain Committed Despite Recession

Niger, recession, citizensThe Niger State government has urged the people of the state to strengthen their commitment and obligation to the state as well as continue to show their understanding, in the face of the ongoing national economic recession.

The Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Jonathan Vatsa, in a statement, expressed the readiness of Governor Abubakar Bello’s administration, to see the state through the path of greatness despite the recession.

He further stated that the administration had since inception, been positioned to always take the interest of the people above all others, even in the face of challenges.

He said the government highlighted the need for the support of the people to be able to achieve its set objectives.

“We call on all ‘Nigerites’ to meet up with their obligations, such as paying taxes, playing their roles diligently wherever they find themselves, especially if in positions of responsibility, remaining productive by identifying areas of comparative advantages, such as agriculture, and most importantly, protecting public institutions and property,” he stated.

He assured residents that whatever resources were available to the government, would be judiciously used for the best interest of the state emphasising that “since this government came to being, we have not put anybody in doubt about the readiness of the government to block areas of leakages and avoid wastage”.

“We are aware we have a date with history and the restoration agenda in key areas we set to achieve, that is why we are doing everything possible to make sure that we have projects ongoing in every sector of the state’s economy,” Mr Vatsa stated.

This he said was in order “to lubricate the system  and also focus on priority areas that have multiplier effect on the people at short, medium and long term basis”.

The Commissioner further urged the people to support the government and show considerable levels of understanding of the economic situation.

He reiterated the need for the support and understanding of the people in tackling the challenges, as the government continues to leverage on the basic tenets of democracy.

“It would also encourage engagements and will be as open as possible, as the economic situation functions along the variables of recovery,” he added.