US Ex-Cop Guilty Of Murder For Shooting Black Neighbour

Dallas Police Department officer officer Amber Guyger. A former Texas policewoman was convicted of murder on October 1, 2019 for shooting a neighbor in his own home last year in what her lawyer claimed was a “tragic mistake.”  HO / Kaufman County Jail / AFP


A former Texas policewoman was convicted of murder Tuesday for shooting dead a neighbor in his own home in what her lawyer said was a “tragic mistake.”

The case sparked outrage as it became a flashpoint over police violence and racial bias because Amber Guyger is white, while her victim was black.

Guyger, who worked in Dallas, claimed that she believed she had returned to her own apartment on September 6, 2018 and that she thought Botham Jean, 26, was an intruder.

In fact, the 31-year-old had entered Jean’s unlocked apartment, located in the same building but one floor above hers.

“We the jury unanimously find the defendant, Amber Guyger, guilty of murder as charged in the indictment,” the jury foreman announced.

After the verdict was read, Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, stood and looked upward as she celebrated the decision, raising her arms high and wide.

“I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, it’s just been the most terrible time for me,” she later told the jury that will decide on Guyger’s sentence.

“I try to busy myself to try to get this out of my head. It is very difficult.”

The jury, which retired on Monday, deliberated for five hours before delivering its guilty verdict.

Guyger, who was off duty after a nearly 14-hour shift, lived in apartment 1378 on the third floor, while Jean lived in apartment 1478 directly above her.

“She knows she’s made a tragic mistake, but it’s not out of evil,” Guyger’s lawyer, Robert Rogers, told the court when the trial opened, describing it as human error and an act of self-defense.

Guyger — a police officer for four years until her sacking following the shooting — sobbed when she took the stand last week.

Appeals for justice 

“I ask God for forgiveness, and I hate myself every single day,” she said, voice trembling.

“I wish he was the one with the gun who had killed me. I never wanted to take an innocent person’s life.”

After hearing the verdict, Guyger stood as the jury filed out of the courtroom and then sank into her chair.

Prosecutor Jason Hermus said Jean, a native of the Caribbean island of St. Lucia who worked for an accounting firm, “paid the ultimate price” for Guyger’s errors.

“She walks past 16 different apartments and fails to register the number four on any one of them,” Hermus said during the testimony phase of the trial last week.

Prosecutors played Guyger’s frantic 911 call, in which she repeatedly tells a dispatcher she is in the wrong apartment.

Bodycam footage from responding officers showed them trying to save his life as he lay bleeding, US media reported.

The shooting and its aftermath sparked demonstrations and appeals for justice in a nation where white police officers who shoot people of color often go free.

Demonstrators rallied outside the Dallas police headquarters and city hall.

Jurors were given the option of finding Guyger guilty of the lesser offense of manslaughter, but a grand jury indicted her on the more serious charge of murder following the protests.

She faces up to life in prison when she is expected to be sentenced later Tuesday.


Gunman Kills Three Police Officers In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton RougeTragedy has struck again in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as three police officers were killed and three more injured in a shooting.

Police have been able to gun down one suspect, but warn there may be two others in hiding.

They are also warning people to stay away from the scene of the shooting, which is close to the police headquarters and a highway.

The local sheriff’s department spokesperson said that the incident happened shortly before 9am, local time, and was being treated as an active situation, with road closures in the area.

It was not immediately clear whether there was a link between the shootings and the recent unrest over the police killings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

Authorities did not give any information about the gunman’s possible motive.

President Barack Obama condemned the “attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge” and vowed that justice would be done.

“We may not yet know the motives for this attack, but I want to be clear: There is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None. These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one,” Obama said in a statement.

The Louisiana State Governor, John Bel Edwards, has condemned the attack, but has promised the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

Obama Urges Unity Amid Racial Tensions

Barack Obama, Brexit, UK, U.S.The President of the United States of America (USA), Barack Obama has urged police and black communities to live in peace amid the racial tensions in the country.

Mr Obama said this at a town hall meeting on race and policing organized by ABC news.

He stated that all citizens need to come together and advised it should not be “US versus them”.

He explained that the dialogue between both sides will go a long way to help resolve the issues.

The meeting came after a gunman killed five Dallas police at a ‘black lives matter’ protest last week.

An Army veteran, Micah Xavier Johnson, told police he was angry after recent shooting deaths of black men at the hands of officers.

Several people have been killed in the recent shootings including; Alton Sterling who was killed by Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 5.

A day later, Philando Castile was also shot and killed during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Protests Spread Over US Police Shootings

US Police,Minnesota, LouisianaProtests against the killing of black men by Police have continued to spread across cities of the United States, following recent deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Armed new black panther party members confronted Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while in Minnesota, roads were blocked as fireworks, bottles and rocks were thrown at Police officials.

Dozens of arrests have been, made but the rallies were mostly peaceful.

In Dallas where five officers were killed by a black man during a protest rally, the situation remains tense.

BBC says security levels were raised at the Police Headquarters after anonymous threats were received.

However, an all clear was given after a search of a car park for a “suspicious person”.

The protests against police killings were sparked by the deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.

Shots Fired At Dallas Police Headquarters

PoliceA gunman who fled in an armoured van has fired shots at the Police Headquarters in Dallas, a city in Texas, in the United States of America.

Dozens of police cars gave chase to the man involved who is in standoff in a car park.

Officials said there had been exchange of gunfire at the car park on Saturday.

Four bags were left outside the Police Headquarters, one of which contained explosives including pipe bombs.

An official said that one of the bags exploded as police robot attempted to move it, noting that no police officer was injured.

The motive for the shooting is not yet clear.

Ebola Containment: Nigeria Receives World Bank Commendation

World BankNigeria has clearly overcome Ebola virus disease and for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), this is a commendable feat.

President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, after a special meeting of the group and the IMF, said Nigeria has demonstrated high competence in the way the Ebola Containment was handled.

He praised the federal, state and local government and all medical workers and the private sector for working together to contain the Ebola virus in the country.

The meeting of the World Bank and IMF, which held in Washington on Thursday morning, noted sadly that the virus continues to surge in the three worst affected countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

If more countries get trapped in the spread within two years, the financial impact could reach 32.6 billion dollars by the end of 2015.

The United Nations Ebola response coordinator, Dr. David Nabarro, has said that the worst outbreak of Ebola on record can be contained if countries quickly build and staff treatment centers in West African nations hardest hit by the deadly virus.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization said Ebola had claimed the lives of 3,879 people from among 8,033 confirmed, probable and suspected cases since it was identified in Guinea in March.

Officials with the U.S. Center for Disease Control were dispatched to study how Nigeria achieved its Ebola containment after the United States reported that Ebola had been discovered in Dallas, Texas.

The CDC Director, Tom Frieden, said in a statement, “It’s clear the nation (US) needs a quick and thorough response to its first Ebola patient” noting that “their (Nigeria’s) extensive response to a single case of Ebola shows that control is possible with rapid, focused interventions.”

Nigeria has not reported new cases since August 31. Likewise, Senegal has not reported any new Ebola cases since September 18.

According to the CDC, Nigeria reported their first case July 20 when Patrick Sawyer traveled from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria. He exposed 72 other passengers with the virus. Nigerian health officials found everyone who had been in contact with Sawyer and developed a mobilization plan.

They reached more than 26,000 households in this process. Nigeria also established the Ebola Management Center in the process.

Rihanna Postpones Tour Due To Unidentified Illness

Rihanna has missed another show on her tour which she tagged Diamonds World Tour due to unidentified illness.

The Barbados-born pop star had canceled a show last month in Boston, just the second city on the tour and a follow-up performance was also canned in Baltimore.

On both occasions, the singer missed due to illness – or more specifically, laryngitis.

Promoters Live Nation have “postponed” — and not canceled — the Houston date. Unfortunately, as a result of illness Rihanna is unable to perform this evening at Houston’s Toyota Center. Fans are instructed to retain their tickets to this event pending rescheduled show date information,” the Live Nation statement reads.

The Diamonds tour is due to move on to the American Airlines Centre in Dallas on Tuesday night.

Rihanna explained her latest ailment with a message on Instagram where she posted that “I was sick since San Diego! I kept working because I thought two days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I messed up, those were two days off from hell and today is not different! I’m sad and disappointed about it! I had all kinds of plans for Houston!”