National Conference: Persons With Disability Task Government On Developmental Issues

The Publicity Secretary, Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities, Dare Dairo, has expressed the need for the Federal Government of Nigeria to pay more attention to developmental issues during the National Conference and not just ethnic nationality.

He stated that “there is so much focus on ethnic nationality”, a development he said had put Nigeria in an era where there is “politicking against governance”. Mr Dairo suggested that the government should pay more attention to development of Nigeria for the good of all.

He questioned the performance of the advisory board in relating with his constituency. “How disability informed are they?” he questioned, pointing out that over six persons with disability from different geo-political zones will be participating together with other participants who are not disabled. “How will the people with disability be equipped and factored into the conference?” he asked.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Dairo stressed that “bringing the people living with disabilities to the conference simply means that their peculiarities will be catered for”.

He also asked how certain areas like education, poverty, healthcare policy and political structure would be factored into the lives of persons living with disabilities, stressing the need for the government to look into the issues for the development of the nation.

Speaking on trust deficit, which he said was existing between the government and the people with disability, he attributed the development to the fact that the government had not signed the disability bill into law or set up an agency to take care of them.

He, however, stressed that the idea of allowing people with disability to participate in the conference was a good one, but questioned what would happen afterwards.

Experts Examine Solutions To Insurgents In Nigeria

Over the past 10 days, there has been series of violent attacks in different parts of Nigeria. Starting with the clash between security operatives and suspected members of the Boko Haram sect in Baga, Borno State where over 187 people were killed to the killing of over 20 police officers by cult members in Nasarawa state.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday had to cut short his trip abroad and rushed back to the country to hold emergency meetings with security chiefs in a bid to find solution to the growing insecurity in Nigeria.

Three analysts – Security Expert, Ona Ekhomu, Rights activist, Dare Dairo and the National Coordinator, WANEP, Ifeanyi Okechukwu, who were guests on Channels Television weekend programme, Sunrise, examine steps that should be taken to stem the growing tide of insecurity in Nigeria.