Nigeria Owes Foreign Creditors 11.26 Billion Dollars

Naira, Market, dollarNigeria’s foreign debt now stands at 11.26 billion Dollars.

This is according to data from the Debt Management Office.

This figure is made up of a 3.65 billion dollar foreign debt by the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

The data shows Lagos, which has the biggest economy in the country, as the most indebted state to the tune of 1.43 billion dollars.

Kaduna State follows with a foreign debt of 225.28 million dollar while Edo State, with 179.52 million dollars is the third most indebted state.

Nigeria plans 60b naira in 5-7 year bond auctions

Nigeria plans to issue N60 billion ($379.75 million) in local bonds, with maturities of between five and seven years at its regular auction on September 19, the Debt Management Office (DMO) said on Thursday.

The debt office said it would sell N30 billion  each in re-openings of existing five- and seven-year bonds, which will have terms to maturity of four years and six months, and six years and eight months, respectively.

Yields on local debt have fallen over the past month on news, JP Morgan will include it in its Government Bond Index – Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) from October. The bank says this could potentially bring up to $1 billion into one of Africa’s most developed debt markets.

Nigeria  issues sovereign bonds monthly to support the local bond market, create a benchmark for corporate issuance and fund its budget deficit.