2015 Elections: Commonwealth Observers Will Not Go To North-East

commonwealthThe Commonwealth observer mission to Nigeria’s general elections says it would not deploy any observer to north-east Nigeria despite the progress made by the Federal Government to restore security in the region.

The Chairperson of the group and former President of Malawi, Dr Bakili Muluzi, said that the Commonwealth mission would not take any risks, but get the information required from other bigger observer groups, as the security situation there remains a challenge.

Dr Muluzi said that the Observer Group would deploy its members across the country to witness the conclusion of the election campaigns, observe voting, counting, results, check the conditions available for credible elections and freedom for voters to exercise their franchise.

The Commonwealth Observer Group to Nigeria for the elections, starting this weekend is a high-powered 10-man delegation; consisting mainly of current and former African leaders and lawmakers, serving members of National Electoral Commissions from around Africa, led by the former President of Malawi, Dr Bakili Muluzi.

Dr Muluzi told a news conference in Abuja that their duty is only to observe and make recommendations towards improving democracy in Commonwealth nations.

He also said that observers would not take the risk of going into the north east where the Nigerian military is still battling the insurgents.

The Commonwealth Observer Group has a mandate to observe and consider the various factors affecting the credibility of the electoral process and determine whether the elections is conducted according to the standards for democratic elections.

This will be done alongside other observer missions such as ECOWAS, European Union and the National Democratic Institute.

US Election: Governance is about checks and balances

The Chief Political Officer of the US Consulate in Lagos; Rolf Olsen has described the last four years as being “a combative four years in the White House” for President Barack Obama as the Democrats and the Republicans in the Congress were rarely on the same page on different issues.

He made this known, while explaining that governance in the United States was about checks and balances on the special edition of Sunrise Daily on the the 2012 US Presidential Election.

On the re-election of President Obama, Mr Olsen said it is a closely contested election and that there is no parliamentary system in the US where one party gets full control of the parliament.

Though he admitted the possibility of such happening, but he said it cannot happen automatically.


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