FG Urged To Change School Curriculum To Accommodate Skill Acquisition

school curriculum, skill acquisitionA Human Resources Development expert, Fola Ogunsola, wants the federal government to change school curriculum to accommodate skill acquisition programmes that go beyond classrooms.

She made the call at a life after school development lecture for students of the Osun State University, Ikire Campus in Osun State.

She revealed that only about 10% of Nigerian graduates who leave the higher institutions annually can be said to be employable to employers of labour.

This, according to her, is because many of the graduates have not been well groomed for the basic skills required to sustain a job.

The HR expert also told Channels Television that the crisis between Nigerian youths and the labour market is more of employability of the products being churned out by higher institutions of learning in the country than a problem of the number of jobs available.

The expert berated the academic curriculum of Nigerian universities stating that Nigerian higher institutions of learning, in the 21st century are still only able to impact less than 20% of skills required by prospective employers of labour into their graduates.

He stressed that graduates are usually not well groomed for the task ahead after school.

She also implored graduates to stop putting blames on government, but rather enhance their skills.

Nigeria At 53: Nigerian Youths Should Tackle Challenges Faced – Analyst

A Development Expert, Sina Fagbenro-Byron, has called on the youths of the nation to step up to the challenges they are facing, as a result of the actions and inactions of the older generation.

While speaking on Sunrise Daily, he said that Nigeria’s 53rd independence signals the time for reflection and action. “Nigeria is at crossroads, we need to think, look back a bit to be able to move forward.”

Nigerian people, he said, are designed to show that there is the possibility and capability of the black man to be liberated.

However, he warned that the process of emancipation is not “a tea party”.

He expressed hope that the nation will overcome its many challenges and emphasised that “you have to have had challenges, in order to achieve successes”. Nigeria is now at a point where the people have to start “re-calibrating”.

Contrary to public opinion that the older generation has not left a legacy for the younger one to follow, Mr Bryon said each generation has to find ways to solve its challenges.

Every generation says that it was better in its own time, he said, adding that “you will have something to look up to as there are new dynamics” such as internet.