Anambra Youths Protest Poor Representation By Legislators

The Youths of Anambra East and West Local Government Areas say it will not be business as usual for prospective aspirants to legislative positions in the 2015 general elections, as they protest what they call ineffective representation of their constituencies over the years.

The leader of the protesting youths, Mr Emmanuel Alogboja, who credited the massive infrastructural development in their area to the state government, said everybody was thriving on self sustainability when they have representatives who should move motions and sponsor bills that would attract attention to the agricultural and oil and gas potentials of the local areas and bring development to the area.

The protesting groups from their different quarters converged on the popular and central Aguleri Junction in Anambra East local Government AArea of the State to stage their dissatisfaction.

The Aguleri junction, with the statue of Reverend Father Iwene Tansi overlooking the intersection of roads, lay peaceful with everybody going about their businesses with every hope of self survival regardless of what the government or anybody can do for them.

Few persons from Aguleri community that  Channels Television spoke to – Miss Ifeoma a shop owner and unemployed Ike and Samuel – said they do not know anything about representation or who their representatives were in both the State and Federal Legislative Assemblies.

It was such anomaly of poor and ineffective representation that protesting youths from Anambra East and West including women protested against at Aguleri junction, chanting notes of disappointment and dissatisfaction, insisting that 2015 general elections would be a furnace to heat and prove whoever that will represent them as they are presently not satisfied with the kind of representation they are having. From their comments, it was clear that they indeed have an idea of what they want.

In Anambra East and West Local Government Areas lies the food basin of the state and with the discovery of oil in the area too, the people said they need representatives who would be vocal, vibrant and proactive in lending their voices through bills and emotions that would attract attention to their area so they could be included in the scheme of things.

The leader of the protesting youths stated that credibility and spirit of sacrifice were the yardsticks for any prospective candidate for the 2015 election as far as Anambra East and West were concerned.

The people commended the state governor for creating an avenue of employment through the on-going registration of youths in the agricultural scheme and stated that if their representatives should be as proactive as the present administration, Anambra state would indeed be the light of the nation as it is named.

President Putin Backs Military Force In Ukraine

Members of Vienna's Ukrainian community protest against Russian troops in Ukraine outside the U.S. embassy in ViennaPresident Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, said that Russia would only use military force in Ukraine as a last resort.

This is in line to ease the East-West tension over fears of war in the former Soviet Republic.

Russia, however, reserved the right to use all options in Ukraine to protect its compatriots there who were living in “terror”, Putin said. His comments lifted Russian bond markets after a panic sell-off on Monday.

While Putin said sanctions being considered against Russia would be counter-productive, a senior U.S. official said that Washington was ready to impose them in days rather than weeks.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry arrived in Kiev and announced an economic package and technical assistance for Ukraine in a show of support for its new government.

Putin said that there had been an unconstitutional coup in Ukraine and ousted leader, Viktor Yanukovich, an ally of Russia, was still the legitimate leader of the country, despite giving up all power.

February’s ousting of Yanukovich after months of street protests in Kiev, and Russia’s bloodless seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region prompted a confrontation between Moscow and the West, widely seen as the most serious since the end of the Cold War.

The West has been alarmed at the possibility that Russia might also move into eastern and southern Ukraine, home to many Russian speakers.

ANPP Inaugurates Convention Committee

[highlight]The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) has inaugurated a national convention committee with the governor of Zamfara State, Abdulazeez Abubakar Yari, as Chairman while Emma Eneukwu, the National Publicity secretary of the party will serve as secretary.[/highlight]

Performing the inauguration in Abuja, the National Chairman of the party,  Ogbonnaya Onu said Nigeria are yearning for change and this change can only come when votes count and the voters matter.

He aid that major opposition political parties need to come together as a single political party so that politics in Nigeria can be played with two strong political parties adding that when this happens, no one can easily pre-determine which of the two political parties can continuously win a general election.

He further said that with the planned merger by opposition parties, it is certain that the way politics is played in Nigeria will change forever.

The convention committee which is expected to deliberate on the proposed merger with other opposition parties has 20 members apart from the chairman and the secretary.

Uncompleted 3-storey building collapses in Owerri, worker trapped inside

A 3-storey building under construction along Works Layout in Owerri the Imo state capital has collapsed.

Sources said the building collapsed around 11 pm yesterday night during a heavy downpour.

It was also disclosed that a 28 year old man identified as Joseph Ekanem  a carpenter who happens to be one of the workers  inside the building have been trapped inside, even though they cannot ascertain if there are more workers trapped inside and they cannot ascertain as there are 6 workers working in the building on daily basis.

Sources also disclosed that the owner of the building who lodged in a hotel close to the building came to the scene of the incidence but quickly locked up the building and ran away, when Channels Television contacted him on the phone, he denied ownership of the building.

At the time of filing this report, State emergency management agency (SEMA), Imo rescue team, Road Safety and combined security operatives in the state forcefully broke into the premises in order to rescue the trapped man.

However, some of the people living in the neighbourhood attributed the collapse to quack and shabby job by the contractor as the foundation is not strong enough to carry a 3-storey building.

F.G. flags off construction of N5.2 billion Isinweke-Onicha Uboma-Imo River road

Reprieve has come for the agrarian community of Isinweke in Ihitte Uboma local government area of Imo state as the Federal Government through the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has flagged off the construction of 5.2 billion naira 16.7 kilometer Isinweke-Onicha Uboma- Imo river road which has remained dilapidated for the past 30 years.

While flagging off the commencement of the road project on behalf of the Federal Government in Isinweke- Akata community in Ihitte Uboma, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives; Honorable  Emeka Ihedioha in company of the managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission;  Chris Oboh said the road project is part of the NDDC regional project in promoting rural development in the Niger Delta, that the importance of the road when completed cannot be over-emphasized especially due to the many agricultural potentials of the Ihitte Uboma people as the food basket of the state and when completed, will go a long way to enhance the easy transportation of agricultural products and food products from Ihitte Uboma to other parts of the states and other south east states as the road remains a major link to Abia and Enugu states.

Ihitte Uboma local government area of Imo state is known to be one of the food basket of Imo state with its rich cultivation and production of cash and food crops like rice, cassava palm oil amongst others.

One major problem faced by the people of the area over the years is that of bad roads which has deterred the people from transporting most of their agricultural products within and outside the state. Indigenes of the area lamented severally over the bad state of the road which has remained like that for many years running.

However, their plea might have gotten to the appropriate authorities, as the Federal Government through the NDDC approved 5.2 billion for the commencement of road construction.

While addressing the people of the community, the Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives; Honorable Emeka Ihedioha commended the Federal Government and the NDDC for their decision to take on the project in a time like this.

He said further that the road project will promote the economic activities in the area as well as provide job opportunities for unemployed youths in the area. He called on the people to cooperate with the contractors in order to speed up the road project since the contractors have been mobilized.

Indigenes of the area noted that the road project will go a long way to enhance the standard of living of the people living in the area; they however thanked the Federal Government and the NDDC for the good gesture of remembering the people of the area.

The 16.7 kilometer road which is expected to be completed within 3 years will have 4 bridges and 6 culverts and it is hoped that after completion, it will facilitate the easy transportation of food and agricultural products between Imo, Abia and Enugu states.

Abia Judiciary: Five new judges sworn in

Five new judges of Abia state judiciary has been sworn in and administered with the oath of office and allegiance based on the constitutional provision and by the recommendation of the National Judicial Council at the Michael Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia.

About six judges were nominated by Abia State Judicial Service Council for high court and four for customary court of appeal but after careful screening by the National Judicial Council without interference from any quarter, three of the judges were recommended for the high court bringing the number of judges in the high court to twenty six, while two judges were for the customary court of appeal bringing the number to seven.

In his address during the event, Governor Theodore Orji hinted that the last time such event took place in Abia judiciary was seventeen years ago, when about eight judges were sworn in and expressed hope that the new judges would approach their jobs with diligence and zeal by ensuring that court cases are not delayed unnecessary, thereby complementing the effort of the state government in improving the ambience and environment of the court building and surrounding.

He urged them to ride on the crest provided by the government so as to key into the reformative processes of improving legal services delivery to the state and the citizen in accordance with the democratic principles and the rule of law with unbiased fairness as they have been carefully selected for the job.

Development of Abia state very crucial – Gov. Theodore Orji

Abia state governor Theodore Orji says the development of Aba-the commercial nerve center of the state is one of the legacies his administration will bequeath to the people of Abia state.

Theodore Orji who was one of the special guests at the public presentation of the global villager-a book on the commemoration of the 77th birthday of Alhaji Bamangar Turkur, described Aba as a sore point and that he will do all in his powers to make the city habitable.

According to him all structures that is causing obstruction to the development of the city will be demolished.

He said further that government has got enough land in the city and would open all drainages and scoop them after the rains, warning that in the course of doing that, any building on the drainages would go.

He also said that Abia State Road Maintenance Agency (ABROMA) has been formed to function in Aba and Umuahia and has been given the marching order to fill the potholes on the roads, pointing out that his administration has also bought the equipment to evacuate refuse at Aba and promised that he would sustain it.

According to him, the Aba/Port Harcourt express way is above the capacity of the state government, adding that the state has contacted the Federal Government and in response promised to repair it. No government in the state will neglect Aba as the city is important, while its topography and the rains hinder road construction, he concluded.