Erica Disqualified From BBN Over Gross Misconduct


Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica Nlewedim, has been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija reality tv show.

She was disqualified on Sunday for breaking several house rules which included disrespect for the Head of House position which she was occupying, goading, among other things.

Her disqualification stemmed from a disagreement she had with fellow housemate, Laycon over comments about her making attempts to kiss him (while she was under the influence of alcohol).

Ebuka in his usual attempt to ‘shake tables’ in the house, had last week asked Laycon if indeed the comments were true and he affirmed it. But Erica who at the time had made it clear that she was ‘just friends’ with Laycon and only had a mental connection with him, was clearly offended by comments.

According to her, she had confronted Laycon and made several attempts throughout the week to clear the air since she couldn’t remember trying to kiss him but he refused to have the conversation.

It wasn’t clear what had transpired during the Saturday night Gordon’s sponsored party, but afterward, Erica who was clearly intoxicated began raining insults on Laycon over the comments and his refusal to address the issue.

All attempts by fellow housemates to calm her down, including Kiddwaya with whom she shares a romantic relationship, fell on deaf ears.


Housemates solemn as Biggie reads the riot act to them, disqualifies Erica.



Katrina, Lilo Evicted From BBNaija Lockdown House

Tacha Disqualified From BBNaija Reality Show

She rained insults on Laycon who refused to respond and later also accused Kidd and Prince of being two-faced and not fully supporting her.

Much later, she said she would ensure that Prince who is the Deputy Head of House, would not sleep in the Head of House lounge with her.

She proceeded to pour water on his side of the bed despite pleas from other housemates.

Among other things, she was also seen peeping into one of the camera control rooms through the glass – which is against the rules of the House.

On Sunday afternoon, she, however, apologized to all the housemates and admitted to going overboard regardless of being intoxicated.

But her tantrums had stirred reactions across social media with many suggesting that it might warrant a disqualification especially because she had already earned two strikes and a final strong warning over previous misconducts.

History Repeating Itself?

Erica’s disqualification makes it the third time a housemate would be disqualified from the game in the last three editions.

Last season (Pepper Dem), housemate, Tacha was disqualified from the game for getting involved in a fight with fellow housemate and winner of the season, Mercy.

In the previous (Double Wahala) season, Khloe and K-Brule who were a pair were disqualified after earning three strikes. Khloe was, however, forgiven and brought back into the house.

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With just nine housemates and three weeks left in the lockdown season, the game clearly has become more tense and real to the housemates as they battle for the grand prize of N85 million.

Cindy Evicted From BBNaija Reality Show

Cindy, one of the Big Brother Naija housemates has been evicted from the reality show.

She was evicted on Friday morning in a surprise eviction.

The eviction was hosted by Ebuka, the regular host of the live eviction show.

Ebuka came into the house for the eviction holding the envelope containing the name of the evicted housemate.

The housemates had earlier being informed to pack their bags and get ready for the eviction show at the lounge.

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Big brother had earlier announced that there will be surprise eviction from Thursday, September 26 till Monday, September 30.

Cindy becomes the 17th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija 2019 show tagged Pepper Dem.

I Am Attention Walking On The Street, Charly Boy Says

Charly Boy Oputa
Charly Boy Oputa says he has managed to remain in the scene even at abover 60 years

A Nigerian singer, songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer, one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers and a onetime president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Charly Boy Oputa (Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa) has described himself as “attention walking on the street”.

On a Channels Television’s programme, Rubbin’ Minds, on Sunday Charly Boy told Ebuka that he had no intention to let people forget him.

“Most of the things that you read are all engineered by me. If I don’t do that, you will soon forget me and I intend not to be forgotten.

“I don’t look at them as unconventional. The people out there do that. For me, it is a very normal thing and because I understand your mind-set… take for instance my rings they are just rings to me but a lot of people will read a lot of meaning into it.

“I just paint all this pictures and you can make what you like of it.

“I play it up because people are busy eating it up,” he said.

On a leaked photograph of another entertainer, dancer and television presenter, Denrele Edun and himself kissing, he said it was leaked with Denrele’s consent.

He further said it was leaked by his people on purpose but did not say if he gave them a go ahead to leak the image.

“Sometimes you can agree to something, but when the heat comes up, whether you can take it or nor is a different matter,” he said.

On current political situation in Nigeria, Charly Boy said: “I am going ahead to give hope to young people not to despair

“This government is all about fighting corruption. We have been surviving on corruption money for the past 50 years. A lot has happened and a lot has gone bad and it is not something that could be fixed in a year or two.

“What I am not sure of is if he has the right kind cabinet to solve our problem. People that are dedicated.

“I have met a few people and the Petroleum Minister is one of them.

“We have been seeing queues for many years and this is not the first time and it is not going to happen in one year.

“He is a perfect gentleman who always meant what he says and says what he means. For me that is a good take away.

“If Fashola is allowed to do his work and if they stop all these petty tribal politics that is going on, he will do well”.

The entertainer also praised his father for his upbringing, saying that the principles he grew up with had made me who he was.

Nigerians Asked To Inculcate Security Consciousness Into Daily Life

Lanre-OlagunjuA writer and social commentator, Lanre Olagunju, says the security issues in Nigeria would be surmounted if Nigerians would inculcate security consciousness into their daily lives

Olagunju’s statement is coming six days after a bomb explosion killed 75 persons in Nyanya, about 16 kilometres from Abuja.

A terrorist group, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in a Motor Park.

On Channels Television’s programme, ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, Olagunju stressed the need for Nigeria’s security agencies to see the insecurity situation as a war.

“We should see the issue from the perspective of war. It has gone beyond a northern problem to a national issue,” he said.

Olagunju stressed that the Monday morning attack was a reminder that the sect could hit Abuja again.

He, however, blamed the situation on the negligence of the government to provide quality education to young people in some parts of the north.

“A social problem is as a result of the action of the people. The government was sleeping at a point in time when it should be standing and facing its responsibility.

“So many things are going wrong in some north eastern states. Education is the issue and negligence on the part of the government is another. If we do not fix some problems today, in the next 20 years, it is going to tell,” he stressed.

He called on the government to consider securing the nation’s border, pointing out that the borders are very porous.

Nigeria has sought the cooperation of neighbouring countries, but Olagunju said that border countries would only support Nigeria when they see substantial seriousness from Nigeria.

“Things are the way they are as a result of the fact that the political will is not there. The government has not performed 100 per cent in any sector.

“The sincerity is not there and until we get this fixed, we would just be playing games,” Olagunju said.

He described the insecurity situation as a fresh reality that Nigerians were trying to live with it.

“It is war and we need to see it the way it is.”

He urged Nigerians to take the issue of security serious as their lives and property were involved, suggesting that Nigerians needs to start inculcating security education into their life style.

On the issue of some abducted girls in a secondary school in Chibok, in Borno State by suspected members of Boko Haram, Olagunju stressed that the controversy over the number of rescued girls was a way of politicising the issue.

He stressed the need for military personnel to know what they were doing and face their job without lies.

“Securing the lives and property of Nigerians is the first thing that should be their concern. Dancing around with politicians and lying is really overwhelming,” he said.

Olagunju insisted that all possible means should be explored to ensure that the insurgency would end.


Toolz Claims Don Jazzy Has A Crush On Her

On Air Personality and host of online tv Ndani, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz was a guest on the X-Generation programme, ‘Rubbin Minds’ where she revealed that ace producer and CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy actually has a crush on her.

It was time for Ebuka to unleash his usual eye-popping questions on the celebrity of the week, a segment of the programme everyone wait eagerly for,to see who will be featured.

The least expected celebrity for this edition was Tolu Oniru popularly known as ‘Toolz’.

Deep into the interview, the Nigeria X-Factor host says people actually think that she has a crush on Don Jazzy, but she claimed that it is the one time producer of D-Banj and co-owner of defunct Mo’Hits Records that actually has a crush on her, when she was asked to explain what relationships that she’s shared with some male celebrities she’s interviewed on her shows.

Q: You mentioned earlier about people saying you interview someone and they end up saying you are dating, I want to call a few names  and you are going to answer Yes or No, or explain whatever it is you want to explain, if you dated them or not.

‘Don Jazzy’

Toolz: Don Jazzy is my personal person, Don Jazzy is like somebody that, he thought me a lot about the industry, he’s my personal person.

Q: Never dated?

Toolz: No

Toolz: People say that I have a crush on him, but I have to say he has crush on me

Q: So you think Don Jazzy has a crush on you?

Toolz: Don Jazzy is awesome and amazing.

The On Air Personality with one of Nigeria’s 21st century music radio stations, Beat FM, described Iyanya as a naturally flirtatious person and that is one of his selling points, but she never dated him.

Q: Iyanya

Toolz: No, I don’t know when that came about, when did i date Iyanya?

-I think there was a video; you guys were in the studio together, I think some talk started from there, he did an interview with you.

Toolz: Oh there we go, no, no, no Iyanya is naturally, like naturally flirtatious and I think that’s one of his selling points, but No.

She described rapper Lynxx as her very good friend, as someone she bickers a lot with and that they are very close.

Q: Lynxx

Toolz: No, Lynxx and I are like pals, we bicker a lot, and it’s kind of like, you now the way you have a friend and he’s a guy, the way you kind of develop your friendship is just yap, a kind of that person like that you say ‘ look at your head’ to so that’s it. We are quite close.

Toolz Admits Being In A Love Relationship

On Air Personality and Host of the Nigeria X-Factor reality TV show, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz says she in a love relationship with someone in the EME family, that is the Banky W crew, and who that person is was not revealed as at the time of this interview.

Toolz who was blushing when Rubbin Minds anchor hit her with the question of being seen with this particular guy obviously well-acquainted with the anchor as well but refused to mention his name.

According to the anchor, the two have on the red carpet most time and their pictures together have been shared on social media networks.

“I mean I’m in you know, different kinds of relationships, I have friendships, you know that’s a relationship, here and there”

When asked about a young dude who seems to be in the pictures these days, who is not a celebrity but there’s been a lot of talk about the two of them, Toolz obviously trying to evade the all-revealing question responded by asking the anchor, his own definition of ‘dating’ but the obviously mischievous anchor was able to corner the buxom babe by rephrasing his question and eventually Toolz gave in, answering “Ok, yes, yes”.

However, she refused to divulge any other information when asked how long the relationship has been for.

She went on to explain that being OAP does not mean one’s private life should be brought open to all and sundry as such can be used against that person and pertaining her relationship, she is happy being in it.

“I think it’s pretty obvious, but what I try to do is, I don’t think it’s a very good thing to you know share all your business, because the more people know about you, the more they can that information to hurt you, you know

So, I get a few people saying ‘Oh you should say it, say this and everything’ but am like why? if am in an relationship or a situation with somebody and we both know  what’s going on that’s pretty much what matters”.

Q: But are you happy being with him?

Yeah, am happy in life, am in a good place in my life, career is going well you know.

I Didn’t Think I’ll Get This Far – Tiwa Savage

Nigeria’s RnB diva, Tiwa Savage, has expressed her surprise at the success she’s achieved in the Nigerian music industry in just about two years of coming on board.

Tiwa Savage revealed her amazement on Rubbin’ Minds while reacting to a question about her fulfillment as an artiste in the industry.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I will get this far, this quickly. It’s literally being less than two years since I really came on the scene and for me to have two major endorsements, to have headlined shows with top artistes, to have a successful album which I’ve just released, it’s beyond what I expected, so I give all glory to God” she stated.

She traced her success to ‘very hard work’ as she explained her rigorous routine which includes her weekly writing of songs for Sony America, which she claimed she is still signed to.

Ms Tiwa Savage also expressed how Nigerians humbled her regularly, despite her celebrity status

This edition of Rubbin’ Minds was anchored by the producer of the programme , Adebola Williams.

‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Turns Environmentalist

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, who was recently named as the most beautiful woman in the world by Y! Naija Magazine; Omowunmi Akinnifesi is Ebuka’s guest on this week’s edition of Rubbin’ Minds where she revealed her new role as an environmentalist ambassador.

She denied being on the payroll of the Lagos state government.

Watch out for Ebuka’s proposal to the beauty queen.

I Will Enjoy Being A Single Parent – Omawumi

“I will enjoy being a single parent until God sends the next man to come.” The words of Nigeria’s pop diva; Omawumi who avoided discussing issues of her love life on this week’s edition of Rubbin’ Mind.

The West African idol however revealed that she was willing to let go her career in place of raising of her daughter because “her life means everything to me” she added.

I was Once A Waitress – Omawumi

Nigeria’s pop diva; Omawumi in this week’s episode of Rubbin’ Minds revealed her humble background which she is very proud of, as she narrates her growing up while cooking Nkwobi and Isi Ewu and as well tendering for customers at her mother’s ‘glorified beer parlour’ in Warri, Delta state.

Famed for her regular use of Pidgin English, the West African Idol explains her choice of expression, claiming it saves hers when sometimes “I just hook”.

She also notes that it (Pidgin English) is a major ‘selling point’ for people from the Niger Delta where she hails from and that English language is not her language.

Omawumi also discussed about the dawn of her music career at the West African Idol and also opened up on her sophomore album and forthcoming concert.