Ejigbo 2: 12 Year Old Victim Advocates Death Penalty For Perpetrators

Nike, a 12 year old girl who was one of the three victims of suspected OPC members who tortured 3 pepper sellers in Ejigbo, Lagos state, for allegedly stealing pepper worth 50 naira, has advocated death penalty for the suspects for causing her step-sister’s death.

Nike, who was the third and youngest of the victims, appeared at the public hearing ordered by the Lagos State House of Assembly to investigate the incident which occurred in February 2012.

At the hearing, she identified three men as the ones who tortured herself and her step sister for stealing pepper worth 50 Naira.

She further revealed that one of the suspects (who was without a shirt in the viral video) had promised to set a trap for her because she rejected his advances.

She identified the man who wore jeans as ‘Tirin,’ the man who wore native attire called ‘ankara’ as Jibola, the third man, ‘Abolore’ and ‘Baba Oja.’

She also said that she witnessed the murder of a certain individual by the said men at the same location where they tortured her family members.

Nike, who was unaware of her sister’s death as a result of the severe injuries sustained, was asked what penalty she wanted for the criminals and she said “the people that kill somebody, they use to kill them.”

At the hearing, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly,  Adeyemi Kuforiji, redeemed the 1 million Naira promise made by the ad-hoc Chairman to the family who helped in locating the victims. Part of the money was given to the victims.

The case has been handed over to the Office of the Public Defender.

Ejigbo Women Assault: 1 Victim Confirmed Dead

It has now been confirmed that one of the ladies who was brutally tortured by some men in Ejigbo Lagos in 2013 has died.

The woman who was identified as Julie was said to have been brought from her home town in Topa, Badagry to work as a canteen attendant.

It was also gathered that three women were tortured and not two as seen in the videos. The third woman is the mother of the two ladies shown in the video.

Recounting her ordeal, Mrs Ajoke Agomah, said that she was also stripped, tortured and blended pepper poured into her private part.

Confirming the death of daughter, Mr Filma Agomah said that Julie died in Badagry while his wife and the other 12-year-old daughter have relocated to Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

He added that his wife and daughters were tortured by members of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, who later sacked him from his apartment.

Assault Of Two Women In Ejigbo Comes Up For Hearing In LSHA

The case of a brutal assault against two women in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos state has come up for public hearing at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The State House of Assembly had commissioned a committee to investigate the case of two women who were stripped naked, beaten and tortured by unknown men in a market located in Ejigbo Local Government Area of Lagos state for allegedly stealing pepper.

Telling the public and the lawmakers what he knows, the Chairman of the Local Council, Kehinde Bamigbetan, accepted that the barbaric incident took place in his locality in February 2013.

According to him, he took his hands off the case when the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ejigbo Police Station accepted that he was aware of the crime and that investigation was on going.

Although the hearing has commenced, the victims are yet to be seen to speak for themselves while the culprits are yet to be fished out. This is according to the petitioner and leader of an NGO, Women Arise, Dr Joe Okei Odumakin.

One of the women (the younger victim) is feared to be dead while the older victim is said to have relocated to Kogi state. The husband of the older victim, who is said to be a palm wine tapper, has relocated to a different street in the same locality.

At the hearing, the Chairman of the Committee on the Public Hearing announced that anyone with useful information that will lead to the apprehension of the criminals will be rewarded with 1 million naira and an extra 250,000 naira from him.

LSHA Sets Up Committee On Unlawful Torture Of Women In Ejigbo

The Lagos State House of Assembly has commissioned a committee to investigate the case of two women who were stripped naked, beaten and tortured by unknown men in a market located in Ejigbo Local Government Area of Lagos state for allegedly stealing pepper.

Recently, a video showing the torturous experience two women were subjected to by suspected touts surfaced online and caused uproar in the public domain.

Human Rights Activist, Joe Okei Odumakin, who is at the fore-front of the struggle to ensure that justice is delivered and the criminals brought to book told Channels Television on Tuesday while speaking on Sunrise Daily, that parties concerned in the case, includes the police, activists, community leaders, the chairman of the local government, market men and women, noting that they will be invited to give their account of the incident.

According to Mrs Odumakin, the video, showing how at least four bottles of grounded pepper as well as broken sticks were forced into their private parts, was brought to the attention of the group on December 7th. She however noted that intelligence reports reveal that the incident happened 10 months ago.

The Chairman, Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, Mr Kehinde  Bamigbetan issued a statement that the incident occurred in February. He also disclosed that the older victim is the wife of a palm wine tapper while the younger victim is her stepdaughter.

Odumakin who described the act as “brazen, bestial and barbaric” agonized with the victims who she said will have to live with such dehumanization all their lives, “but the only thing that will give them succour is when they see justice.”

Efforts to bring the culprits to book have proved unsuccessful as residents in the area have maintained a ‘criminal silence’ out of fear.

However, Mrs Odumakin said the rise in such acts indicates the increase of impunity and called for a change in the mindset of the people who may consider jungle justice.

Although the group is yet to solicit the cooperation of the police, it has petitioned the Lagos State House of Assembly to ensure justice is given to the two female victims who are now being referred to as the ‘Ejigbo 2.’

“Honestly, impunity is on the rise and these people will be walking about free. Apart from walking about free, they would still be perpetuating this heinous act. So more than ever, we need to smoke them out of their holes,” she said.

She appealed to members of the community to volunteer information to help unravel the identity of the criminals. Citizens with useful information are to call or send text messages to 08037223313, 08034090205