Babangida Says His Oil And Gas Vision Will Continue To Flourish

Ibrahim-Babangida-Niger-Oil-and-GasThe former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida (Rtd), says that his vision in the oil and gas industry will continue to flourish.

General Babangida says this is because his administration considered petroleum very important during his tenure.

He made the statement on Tuesday when he received the Controller of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Niger State, Engineer Abdullahi Jankara, at his residence in Minna.

“I appreciate the evolution of history of petroleum in the country because I consider it very important during our tenure.

“We discussed a lot with my Minister of Petroleum, Professor Jibrin Aminu and our vision is still working and will continue to flourish,” he said.

The former military President appreciated the visit of the DPR boss and commended the efforts put in place in oil and gas sector.

He assured the DPR of maximum support and assistance from the people of Niger State who he said are known for peace and for Nigeria’s development.

The Babangida-led administration established the only petrochemical industry in Nigeria situated in Eleme, Port Harcourt which Nigeria relies on till date.

Mr Jankara, in his remarks, applauded the machinery put in place by the former military President’s administration.

He described the former Head of State as a visionary leader, adding that it was his vision for the establishment of the two deports in the state that led to the citing of DPR in Niger State.

The DPR official also visited the palace of the Emir of Minna, HRM Umar Faruk Bahago, to seek his royal blessings.

He said that those involved in the distribution of petroleum have begun to appreciate the work of DPR in the state unlike when they were unaware of the benefits of licensing their business.

HRH Bahago also appreciated the foresight of General Babangida and that of the present administration for their vision at every level to succeed. He assured the DPR of his support.

New Petrol Price: DPR Intensifies Surveillance In Niger State

DPR, Niger State, PetrolThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on Thursday said it has intensified its surveillance in Niger State, northern Nigeria.

In spite of the increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) known as petrol by the Federal Government, the DPR has ensured that marketers adhered strictly with the new pump price of 145 Naira per litre in the state.

The Controller of DPR in Niger State, Engineer Abdullahi Jankara, disclosed this to reporters after a surveillance inspection tour in Minna, the state’s capital.

He said the agency would not relent in its efforts to ensure that the marketers obey the order, in times of price and standard distribution of the product to the public.

“We have seen normal situation since the increase in the price of PMS, especially in Minna due to the availability of the product,” he said.

Jankara assured that cheating in times of delivery would not be accepted just as the DPR would watch out for sharp practices by the petroleum marketers, who he said were fond of perpetuating such illegal acts in the state.

“Although it is not yet over because of the feelers we are getting from the hinterland on the exact situation, on a general note we have 80% compliance as things will be in total control,” he added.

The DPR boss vowed to continually beef up surveillance team into the hinterland to replicate what is happening in the townships.

He said that many filling stations have complied with with the new price while erring stations have been compelled to revert to the official price.

NNPC Distributes 1,082 Trucks Of Petrol Nationwide 

nnpcA total of 1,082 truckloads of petrol (PMS) have been loaded and distributed nationwide according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

A daily nationwide PMS supply and distribution schedule released on Saturday says that 20 import vessels laden with a total volume of 830,079,000 million litres have been confirmed to arrive in the month of April.

The schedule adds that the combined national stock (marine and inland) is over 700,000 litres.

It adds that, over the weekend, eight NNPC and marketers’ vessels discharged at various depots and jetties nationwide, while 16 NNPC import and shuttle vessels have been programmed to do ship-to-ship operation for onward discharge to inland depots.

DPR Shuts Two NNPC Affiliated Stations In Niger

DPR NNPC NigerDPR has begun clamp down on petroleum marketers in Niger State as they sealed off two NNPC affiliated stations in Minna.

The Controller of the Department of Petroleum Department (DPR) in the state, Engineer Abdullahi Jankara, and his team made the closure of the petrol service stations in Nigeria’s northern region.

The DPR boss said that they have kicked off intensified surveillance to various filling stations in Minna and its environs where many stations were compelled to sell at government approved price and desist from hoarding the product.

The two NNPC associated filling stations sealed were NNPC Shango located along the Minna/Suleja road and NNPC Maitumbi along the Minna/Gwada road.

Mr Jankara has also compelled some independent marketers found to be selling the product above government approved pump price to reverse the price back to 86.50 Naira per litre while they ensured that all product carried in to the state were dispensed accordingly.

While ordering the closure of the NNPC mega affiliate in Shango for using only one pump out of the 18 pumps in the station to sell the product to the public, he described the act as a plot to hoard the product and sabotage the efforts of the DPR.

The DPR official affirmed that the station would remain sealed until six of the pumps were functional, stressing that the attitude of the station did not only amount to sabotage but a deliberate attempt to inflict suffering on the public who were made to remain on queue for several hours before getting the product.

He directed the station owner to repair the said broken down pumps within 48 hours or face the penalty of distributing the product free to the public and be made to pay fine.

Engineer Jankara also explained that the mega affiliate in Maitumbi was sealed off for selling the product at night and at the rate of 100 Naira per liter to black market operators.

He maintained that the station would remain sealed until the operator of the station pays the sum of 400,000 Naira penalty to the Federal Government.

Jankara vowed that the department would not relent on the clamping down on all stations involved in illegal dealings until sanity was restored in the system.
He disclosed that at least 150 stations were visited within last week where about eight marketers were apprehended.